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How many member here have twins? Lock Rss

Just curious as to how many members here in general have twins?

Is OVER rude people

I have ID girls smile
i have fraternal boys smile
I have non-identical twin DD's -they are now 7 years old!
I have 6 month old non-identical girls.

They were conceived and delivered naturally.
I have 18mo boy/girl twins - conceived and delivered naturally also.
I'm 32 weeks with surprise gender twins grin

lisa mum to calin 7 and zoe 12 months

Identical twin boys. Conceived naturally, delivered c-section. 10 years old!

How could you NOT find out the sex of twins - I take my hat off to you!
My twins are babies 3 & 4, My other two kids were also surprises (very blessed with one of each) I"ve always said that no matter how many kids I have I'll always keep them a I couldn't really go back on my word. laugh laugh Everyone thought I'd cave this time though but we've made it this far tongue

lisa mum to calin 7 and zoe 12 months

Identical girls almost 12mths
Identical girls almost 12mths
I have a questions for all those who gave birth vaginally with twins. How does it feel??

I know after giving birth to my boys (not twins), the relief and contractions stopping and the no more stinging and overwhelming joy and tears were instant!

What happens after you give birth to one? The contractions still continue obviously? Do they cut the cord to the first, clean them up, show them your first bub before they deliver the second? How long does it usually take for the second one to be born. Are there more problems for cords tangling between the two????????? Does it hurt more when the second comes out? Is it more likely that you will get stiches?

LOL SO MANY QUESTIONS!! I don't really know anyone who has had twins to ask all of it. I take my hat off to u all. Twice the work having two! (or more.....)
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