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where do you live Lock Rss

ladies i have enjoyed reading all the other posts and learning allabout who u are would love to know where you all live im in townsville qld cool cool
I'm in Melbourne.
West coast of Tas.
Derwent Valley, Tas.
Middle of NSW smile

West coast of Tas.

Can I just ask if you would recommend moving to Tas? We are looking at moving to a new place just for an adventure and so far we are considering Canada and Tas.

Sorry OP; I live in Perth smile
Otago, New Zealand
hobart tas

I moved from QLD 15 yrs ago and would never go back
Alice Springs, NT
Wellington, New Zealand

i still tell everyone im on the gold coast but im actually just over the border in nsw now. still do all my stuff on the gold coast though tongue

it seems everyone loves tassie! ive never been but i only hear good things about it! whats it like price wise? we are always up for an interstate shift lol
Mid North Coast NSW~ AKA [font="Comic Sans MS"][b][color="#00BFFF"] Coffs Harbour[/b][/font][/color] [there are heaps of towns near here...]
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