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What are you doing Christmas Day? Lock Rss

We are having our first family Christmas at home in 4 years. We told parents we can't travel due to finances and if they wish to see us to come to us.

So its very exciting to start our own traditions, we are entertaining my DH's sister and her partner for lunch. DS & DD wake at 6am, so it will be early present opening, off to church in the morning and then home to finish lunch preparations and hopefully a snooze in the afternoon, followed by a BBQ weather pending.

So what wil your Christmas involve?
First off, hoping DS doesn't wake at the crack of dawn laugh When he does, he & I will open Santa pressies, then ring my mum & sis to let them know we're up. They'll head over for breakfast. Then more pressies smile

We're having a "Stray's Christmas" as we like to call it, again this year - whereby we gather all the people we know who would have otherwise been on their own. So a couple of mum's friends will join us for lunch. Then a few other friends are dropping by in the afternoon.

Basically just a quiet one at my house. Any and all welcome "food is served at this time, come by if you're hungry" kind of thing smile
We're driving across to port macquarie Christmas Eve and spending time with the inlaw for 4 days.

I love going across and i actually like my inlaws (shock horror) tongue but very excited to watch DD on xmas morning when Santa visits Nanny and Poppy's house.

It's great going across as well, DF and I have our own room, DD has her own room and DF's twin bro has the downstairs to himself, great set up!

We are having a quiet one at home this year.
My parents and brothers will be here from about lunch time as will Dh's dad but he will visit sil at some point and various relatives will visit through the day

This will be the first Christmas that I will spend with 2 families. So I am kind of excited smile

In the morning my BF and I are going to have a sleep in before breakfast. Then we will open our presents to each other.

Then we will go up to his sister's house for lunch. It should be fun because there is going to be at least 4 kids all under the age of 5 so it will all be about SANTA. Should be fun.

After that my BF and I will return home for a little nap before my parents turn up for dinner.

That's my Christmas day smile

We will also be going back up to my BF's mother's house on boxing day to celebrate Christmas with his two older kids. We might be taking them to the movies as well. Then on Monday we should be getting his youngest child to celebrate Christmas with her.

Its going to be a long Christmas but well worth it smile

Happy Christmas everyone!
I love hearing about how everyone spends Christmas.

For the first year ever we are not leaving the house. My parents will be here from SA tomorrow night so we will spend the day with them, my sis & gran until DH's parents show up mid morn.

We will have a light seafood lunch & then SIL & her kids will show up for dinner. It will be nice for the kids to be able to play with their stuff all day & not worry about when & where the baby sleeps.

We will wake up and have breakfast and open one present from Santa (some chocolates for DH and I, Chocolates, kids play jewellery and some hair clips for DD and bath toys for DS). After that we're off to church then getting home before DH's family get here. Open presents with DH's family, have a massive lunch then lazy around the house pigging out on all the christmas goodies (really need to get around to making those lol).

Boxing Day will be a quite day at home then on Monday we're off to do a combined Christmas party with my family and a birthday party for my Mum at my youngest sister's place. She's just had knee reconstruction surgery in the last couple of weeks so really isn't up to traveling and we're all bringing things to cover the catering side of things so all she has to do is boss her husband around about cleaning the house up ready for us lol.

ours starts on christmas eve - my side of the family goes out to lunch at a smorgasbord restaurant in the city. then we can do a bit of last minute shopping afterwards if we need to as well, i find it is always more christmassy in the city!

christmas morning we get up and open santa's pressies with DS1 (and DS2 this year lol)

a bit later in the morning (8.30am) my family has a breakfast, this year its at my house. we have breaky first then all the kids get to open presents - we make them take turns so there isn't a free for all with paper flying everywhere lol and then the adults swap gifts (secret santa). then its birthday cake for my sister and i (both of us were born on xmas day 6 years apart!!!).

we get to have a little rest, then we go to the in laws house and swap gifts, DS's will get their presents. then we have dinner at whoever's house it is at that year (alternated between MIL's and DH's aunts as they all live within a street of each other). this is a full on roast christmas dinner type meal.

usually by around 8pm we are home and bloody exhausted!

sometimes on boxing day we go to MIL's as she has foster kids around (they fostered when DH was younger). this year we aren't doing that though so we will get to go to the sales!

Wow I honestly don't know how some of you ladies cope with all the travelling at xmas - and you do it with kids! blink

This year we're only seeing mil, my parents who we live with anyway and my family who live next door, not a lot of travel time there haha. Looking forward to seeing my nieces open their xmas pressies grin
Well, im hoping DS sleeps in for a start lol

As soon as he wakes up, we will be opening presents here at home, just the 3 of us.... Then a breakfast of ham, fried eggs and mango (hey dont judge it! Its awesome lol)

Then i will be heading to the cemetery to visit my cousin, grandfather and uncle, and place a little something on their headstones for xmas smile

Then off to my parents, more so the kids can open their BILLION presents my parents buy for them blink <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

Then at lunch time off to my Aunty's place for a full on feast smile Cant wait!!!

Im also doing something xmas eve for our friends who dont have many family etc and we will be having a HUGE feast of ham, turkey, chicken, seafood and salads. Boxing day we go to my parents every year for a magical feast and a swim, and lounge around smile
We are off to my mum'sfor christmas a 2 hour drive to the coast yay!! We love it down there for chirstmas.Making the most of this christmas as next year we aren't to sure were we will be for chirstmas!! smile
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