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How tall are you? Lock Rss

Hi - I am the shortest in my family at 175cm or 5ft 9, I never even got taller than my mum (she's 5ft 10!). My DH is 6ft 3 and always thought he was tall until he came along to a family function of mine and found out that he was just average!! Somehow we got a shortie for a DD, we went to Plunket on Monday and she is under the 25th percentile for height! Crazy as she was 58cm born which is above the 98th percentile grin
179cm or 5ft10ish lol.

I'm guessing I'm one of the tallest. DH is 178cm so if I wear heels I'm heaps taller than him. He loves it though. Weirdo smile
I'm 167cm or just under 5ft 5.

173cm smile

164cm here.

I'm tall as....

For an elf
183cms or 6ft and 62kgs.

and yes, I got called string beam, Olive Oyl, matchstick legs etc etc in high school. lol
164cm. DF is 6ft something, it's funny watching him try to gracefully get out of the car that's in my profile picture LOL!
I'm the short one in my family, and my parents are both the shortest 'kids' in their families too. My bro is over 6ft aswell.

I always thought I was 5'6 but apparantly I'm 5'4! lol dammit!

173cm grin
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