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What did u call your bub while pregnant? Lock Rss

My good friend is 24wks pregnant and her and her partner have nicknamed bub "spud", so i was just wondering what everyone else called their bubs while pregnant? we called our DS "Boof" and after 5 years he still gets called that. My friends nicknamed their bub "bender", i have no idea where they got that one from!! so what was yours? who thought of it and did it stick??

Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! xoxo

Baxter was called 'Wiggle' and still get called that now .
Phenix was called 'Squiggle' smile
kobee bump was named by the kids at the preschool where i worked. they all chose a name and it got drawn out of a hat, ended up with jellymite, which was actually one of the better suggestions once i read the rest of them lol there was a lot of batman or sleeping beauty etc names but i guess thats to be expected from a bunch of 4 and 5 yr olds

keeley bump was called muffin. as in out ittle love muffin lol

neither name has stuck tho thank goodness haha

DS2 was called Hoolio, we knew he was a boy. My DH and mum chose it after watching the movie Charlie & Boots
DS1 was jelly bean or bean for short
DS1 - I can't remember, sad I know.

Mum to 3 gorgeous cheeky kids.

Ziggy lol
DS was 'Skeletor', after our 11 week scan showed a very lizardy-looking baby!!!

This bump....hmmn....'nausea'? blink . (Funny thing is, I had just typed that when I turned to DH and asked, "What should we call this bump?" and he replied "Nausea"!!!!!) Nausea it is!!! laugh blink grin

my 12yr son CORY called baby bubba while i was pregnant, bubba 2 wks old its gets called it bet still be called bubba as growing boy adult etc but named him CASEY
I call her bummy, cuz she pokes her bum out all the time, if i give it a poke she gets a fright and moves so cute.
I was really clever with my thinking, DD got.... Bubby hahahaha

Socially_Awkward My DD used to do that and now there is one part of my stomach up near my belly button on left hand side that is stretched that little bit more than the rest of my stomach haha she left her bum bump!
DD was Cletus the foetus and the current bump is Peanut (as our DD's name is Hazel so we now have two nuts grin )
DS1 was bubba
DS2 was Monster
and this one is "Chevy" we needed a cool nickname for bubs lol
DS 1 was Octavius - now Brendan
DS2 was Spartacus - now Isaiah

my mil was worried DS1 was going to be Octavius if he was a boy (we didnt find out!!)

Thinking maybe Ignatius for the next one!!!

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