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Just curious to know how many hubby's have.... Lock Rss

Had the 'Snip', just curious!!
Mine has just recently... 8 weeks maybe.
Yep. He had it 5 years ago.
dbl oops
How did he cope? and did he suggest he get it done or did you?
You dont have to answer if you dont want to.
My husband is keen to get done, (he is booked in to have it done on 31st of this month). I was a bit unsure about it when he first suggested it about 2 years ago and said no i would go on the pill. But now I am 28 weeks preg again even though i was on the pill so it seems to be a great idea as we dont want anymore kids. This one wasn't planned but will be loved like all the others. We have both decided that it is better for him to get done now so there wont be anymore as we dont have room in our house for anymore and really don't want anymore. (This will be number 7).
My husband is seeing his doctor next week to get his referal.So maybe in the next month my husband would have had the snip.
Oh oh mine is going in a few weeks to get the referral!! YAY
Not yet, but we both want it done as we have had our 2 children & we seem to be the most fertile people on the planet! They wont do it yet though as I am only 23 & he is 28 so given my age we could change our minds etc..all the Dr's we have seen will do it in 2 years time.

yes, it was his idea, was done about 5 yrs ago.No dramas, it was done on a thursday and on the friday we went to a friends 40th in the city, an hours drive and stayed the weekend.Dh drove.No real pain or bruising etc.He had it done in the doc's rooms with a local, I did not go and watch.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Yes, DH has had it done. About 2 years ago after our DD was born. Best decision WE ever made. I told him I was NOT going back on the pill as after 20 years on it [other than being pregnant] I was over it and my body couldnt take it any longer. We both hate using condoms so it was the snip or no sex. The decision for him was quite easy after that comment! lol.
He was the last one on a friday afternoon to have it done and the doc was running late so he reckons he was butchered! Very sore for about a week and sometimes he still has a few problems where it might swell he also says his balls have never been so itchy since having it done. He'd die if he knew I was telling you this! lol
My DH had it done on the 17th December. He was a bit quiet on that day but next day was up and doing usual stuff. He had it local at the hospital and was gone for 30mins including drive there and back only small town. He didn't have bruising or swelling. I think he was a bit nervous with all the stories you hear but was fine for him.

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