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2kgs down since Tuesday!!!! Rss

And yes I am douing it properly and YES I am well aware that it will just be fluid etc but I am stoked all the same!!!

I have joined the calorie king website and its wonderful, so easy to use and I get to eat heap more than I have been!!! Yesterday I was srtuggling to get my calories up to what I should be having!!!!

I wasn't meant to weight til tuesday but couldn't help myself!!! I needed the little bit of motivation to keep going grin grin grin grin
Congratulations!! That's fanastic smile smile

An awesome start for the journey ahead. Well done you should be really proud. IF 2 kilos since tuesady isn't motivation i don't know what is smile
Well done Jess, feels great doesn't it? I lost 1.2 this week and Im starting to feel more like me again. as for extra Cals try a glass of milk, banana smoothie or yoghurt etc.
Did you get an invite to the new FB blitz?

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Well done, seems you've rivalled my 2.2 since should come on over to BIGGEST LOSERS for 2011 Mummies Unite..would love to have you grin
thanks guys, I was shocked whenI hopped on this morning!!!! And really its still normal foods but in moderation, I am so stoked

Moobaalala yes I did get an ivite but I haven't been following as I didn't think I would succeed but I am feeling so positive now!!!

Mel will also check out the biggest losers thread smile
Well done 2kgs is a great loss, you should be proud. smile

By the way..... how did your little ducky man come along? I've often wondered about him.

Kelly and Serendipity

Wow well done!! If feels really good when you lose just that little bit of weight!

thanks, the website has made it so easy, I also input what I will have for dinner once I know so that I can see what snacks I can allow for and I was pleasently surprised, I just put in chicken pasta bake and thought I would go well over but I still haven't reached the calorie target (not even close) the carb target is still under but I may go over a little, I will have a sml serve of pasta with a nice garden salad and I am thinking a little treat of just one piece of garlic bread.....

Princess pea, he is doing so well! Though I think 'he' may be a 'she'!!!! but he/she is back living in the chook pen as of 3 days ago and so far so good but he is so lonely sad Waiting for the market next weekend and he will get a mate and hopefully that helps, of course he/she still prefers humans, it tries to interact with the chooks but they aren't too keen so I am hoping another will help it a bit
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