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Whats for dinner? Rss

I feel like something differant to the usual things i cook!

What's everybody having?
Gnocchi with creamy sundried tomato and bacon sauce.... YUM!

Kelly and Serendipity

i got some enchiladas the other day so prob that with vegies or something

We're having homemade pizzas - kids fave!!
I'm out to dinner tonight but just winged Mac and cheese fir lunch! It was so good!!!
We are having sausage and onion casserole with mash potato

Gnocchi with creamy sundried tomato and bacon sauce.... YUM!

that sounds so yummy!!!
Not sure what were having yet. Probably something pasta to fill up the tribe.
Tacos... DP's fave - he could have them everyday!!
Chicken pasta bake, so yummy, got the recipe off here, bacon fried up, chicken, zucchini and carrot, cook that all up and add a tin of tom soup and 1/2 tub sour cream, mix through cooked pasta, put in a baking dish, little cheese sprinkled and baked....

Though I will be having a very SMALL portion!!! So will be serving with a garden salad
We are off to a BBQ smile Yay dont have to cook!
Thanks Jess, that sounds yummy! I might make that!!

Princess*Pea- I loveeee gnocchi, DP doesnt!

STB2- You little son is soo gorgeous!
shepards pie an vegies or rissoles an vegies! boring but havent had it in ages..
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