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So he FINALLY arrived yesterday evening. Of course it was right when we were having dinner so rushed the boys thru dinner and bath and raced over to meet him (he's staying at mums)

First impressions is he seems nice. He's not like me at all but thats ok. He is thrilled to have found mum and all of us and he is already calling her mum (which sounds super weird) and is planning another trip over soon to bring his little girl over to meet us all (yay I am finally an aunty!)

So all in all a good first meeting smile

Congratulations. Glad it went well for you and your mum.
I got home and looked for your news! I'm so glad that it went well for you!
hey thats awesome news his next visit should be great!
Glad it all went well!! smile
Excellent!!! I'm so happy for you and your mum!!

Oh that is so nice, can only imagine how amazing it would be to find your parent and siblings after all those years and to find where you belong. Everyone needs their family, especially their matter how old they are smile
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