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What mobile do you have?? Rss

I have the iPhone 3 on a $49 plan, I get $400 of calls and 400Mb (?) of data....I am not really a gadget kind of person, I used to say I just want a phone that is a phone, but I LOVE my iPhone! Music, camera, games, apps, it is totslly awesome smile I hated it for the first day but that's because I didn't know how to use it. Now I wouldn't be without it smile
I got a Sony Experia X10 just before xmas. I chose it because every man and his dog has a nokia and i wanted to go against the grain! A few people have actually commented how much sleeker it is than the iphone.

I love the timescape feature which is like tiles that give a snapshot of all sms, email, facebook, twitter etc in chronological order so you get a preview without viewing the whole content. (Hope that made sense). It also has mediascape (same thing except shows all camera, video, music, podcasts etc.) Its a full touchphone, 8M camera, HD video, wi-fi, bluetooth etc. The only negative so far is i had to access the manual off the website (which i printed off at work-lol).

My main advice is if you're getting a full touchphone it does take some getting used to at first and you will maximise its usefullness if you read through the manual but you will grow to love it!!!

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I have a htc desire and an iphone4 I love my iPhone but to be honest the htc is much better I like the android system over apple it's alot easier to use and I think you can do more on the htc and there is more available etc! When I went to get my new phone (and only becuz I cracked my htc screen) most of the sales reps I spoke to said htc was the best available ATM! Happy choosing smile
I have Vivo V17 Pro double camera option pop up is really so cool and pretty.
I have a samsung galaxy s5.
This is a great phone and doesn’t cost much.

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