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Do you dress your kids to their gender? Lock Rss

Just Wondering as the title says, who dresses their kids to their gender ie girls to wear pink and boys to wear blue?

I'm guilty of this. My DD is always in cute dresses or cute pink tops. although she rarely wears skirts as shorts are more practical with daycare.

I think i go overboard though as my mum used to say i was a tom boy and dress me in boy closes.....i wasn't a tom boy just a sporty kid and i did love to wear dresses but never had any sad so now poor DD is stuck with the girly stuff.... although she is a very girly child smile

both me and my sis have a ds and a younger sis always has her kids dressed in the nice collard shirts and nice shorts and her dd in the prettiest dresses,they always look so cute.she buys LOTS of dresses for my dd because she knows im not a dress person lol. ds usually wears his fave t shirts like toy story or wiggles,and dd has even borrowed some of his shirts too.but i do make an effort when we g out sometimes
yes and no.

ds always wears boy type stuff. alot of black in his tshirts and cool shorts and jeans. no pink for him.

dd i hardly ever put in dresses or skirts. she is 19 months and i have only ever bought her one dress. i am not a dress person so it runs through on to her. some days i just make my self put her in a dress cos she should wear dresses sometimes and also as she gets alot as presents i make sure that the giver has had a chance to see it on her.

she does wear a lot of pink though smile but i also love her in blue and purple. i also put her in the odd black top if i can find one too.

i love my kids in black tops.
DD1 is a tom boy and I dress her to reflect this. I do put her in dresses and skirts but they don't suit her personality at all so she's been known to wear boys clothes from time to time especially boys hoodies. More often than not she just wears girls jeans/ shorts and a t-shirt though. Almost all of her PJs are boys though being that she always chooses Thomas the Tank Engine, Toy Story etc...

DD2 on the other hand at this stage has a much girlier personality so pretty dresses and lots of pink for her smile

ETA: ^Mumto2Ts^ - I love DD1 in black tops too but they don't suit DD2 at all.
yes most of the time especially when we go out i put my daughter into clean clothes. she wears shorts most of the time everywhere you can get some nice girl ones , a clean tee shirt or summer shirt,

my son mostly in boardies and tee shirts etc.

my baby in boy colours including yellow, red and green,

I like kids dressed nice also their play clothes are cheap nice clothes, also i soak everything in nappysan vanish (pink one) so they are not yucky looking. I hate it when people have kids out and they have snotty noses and grubby clothes.... and i am not just talking like they have just got a runny nose and gotten dirty cos my kids get dirty i am talking yesterdays and the day befores dirt.

there is a set of twins in my sons class both girls and one dresses like a boy and the other is quite girlie..... they actually buy boy clothes for the the tomboy one..... rugby shorts and stuff.... personally some rugby shorts are fine for all girls but really there is nothing wrong with buying her shorts and pants that are pretty and not just manly...... she may be a tom boy and not want to wear skirts and dresses like my daughter but there are options to wear nice 3/4 pants and a nice clean more fitted tee shirt rather than boys rugby tees all the time.... she should be told that when you go out to church for example you wear nice clothes even boys should wear nice clothes when they go to church or out for tea.....
I must admit I do dress my DD in very girly clothing.
However being only 7 months old she still has the short hair etc and I prefer people not asking whether she is a boy or girl (even though when in the pinkest dress I still get asked!).
In saying this she is still dressed in shorts quite often too and in cooler months was wearing girls jeans and hoodies so maybe she gets dressed a bit of both?
Yep. I actually have to force DD to wear shorts or pants most days as she always wants to wear dresses and its not always appropriate like at a playground or going for a bike ride. When she was younger and crawling/learing to walk I didnt put her in dresses or skirts much though just pretty clothes as they just got in her way.
DS wears alot of collared t-shirts as they really suit him. I have never dressed him in anything pink or girly.
I think you can get away with dressing girls in boys things more so than the other way round.

when i just had ds i just got him boys clothes, but when dd came along i found myself looking fr clothes thaat could be either sex so that he can pass them on to her. they both usually have their own tops but i try and pass ds pants denim shorts or jeans or black or grey trackpants down to dd, of course my theory would work much better if dd didnt keep catching up to ds and needing the same size clothes at the same time lol.

as a baby dd didnt wear many dresses at all, knowing she would just be in the stroller/pram anyway i mostly bought her snap suits but she did have a few pretty dresses. now that she is walking around a fair bit she has lots of dresses and skirts.... so good for toilet training! and i LOVE those little skirts that have the shorts underneath them so her nappy/undies arent hanging out everywhere. when we go out she mostly wears those or 3/4 leggings under a dress. but i have a few pairs of little shorts and t-shirts for around home

i hate in winter that all the little girls hoodies are really thin and not very warm but the boys ones u can get some nice thick warm ones. so she got a few boys hoodies last year, tho being the same size as ds they just kinda shared.

Glad to see other little girls like boys clothes! When Night Garden stuff was still available in Kmart, my little one used to pick out the Iggle Piggle blue stuff in the boys section, she didnt like Upsy Daisy at the time! She also picked out a red chugginton tshirt for this christmas! I do like to put my girl in pink, but mostly she is in leggings (we burn very easily, so i keep her cool but covered) and tshirts of all colours. I did buy her a beautiful dress for christmas day and she did look gorgeous, but she doesnt often wear dresses. I love putting her in mint green, it looks so gorgeous with her blonde hair and blue eyes smile I let her pick out her own clothes mostly, and she seems to do a pretty good job hehe.

My boy dresses like a boy smile Shorts & T-shirts. Collared shirts for when we go out.

I will admit he wore some pink stuff when he was tiny though, lol. I didn't find out the sex, so most of the baby stuff was neutral, but there were a couple of gender specific things. Anyway, he was born in late spring, but we had a long period of rainy, cool weather & ran out of the longer sleeved/legged clothes, as there weren't many. So a couple of times, he wore a little white bodysuit with "I love my mummy" printed all over it in pink smile Only at home at night though smile
I only have one girl and I am going to dress her as girly as I possibly can... altho she is at an age where I am beginning to have no control over what she wears, but I still try..

To answer ur question....yes.

DD wears mainly pink as i buy it. Except for bottoms which are a mix of colours most tops are pink. She generally picks out what she wants to wear. She mainly wears shorts and tops. DS wears a mix of colours all of his clothes are hand me downs so i had no choice in the colours.
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