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so we have some rubber off the back of the bath mat stuck to the tiles in the bathroom... trying to clean it off... impossible... don't think bub likes me on my hands and knees lol... keep getting sharp pain in the pelvis....

any other tips to get it off?

i've tried pine o clean spray, eualyptus oil and hot water... also a scurbbing brush and scouring pad

dish washing liquid usually gets most things off for me
thanks might try that next smile

oh and i tried a steam mop... no luck

bbq scraper...scratched the floor a little bit but we are replacing our floor boards soon. prob wouldnt scratch tiles as much as wood tho? maybe put a chux cloth over it then scrape it?

What about some goo remover? That stuff works wonders around my house!
thanks... i want to avoid scratching if i can as we are renting...

whats goo remover? where do you get it

I have the exact same thing in my bathroom, i cant get it off either!
I was thinking i would have to try a razor blade or scraper of some kind but i dont want to scratch the tiles as they are new. Let me know if you get it off! Good luck

Oomph Goo Remover - Awesome stuff! I think I got mine from Woolies, but I'm sure Coles and Bunnings will have it too.
thanks i might have a look there next week... hopefully they can get some trucks in by then smile

Try acetone or nail polish remover. That should make the rubber soft enough that you can peel it off. I used acetone to remove silicone from my tiles and kitchen benches.

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