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ds is 7.. which is the best to see?

ds is 7.. which is the best to see?

I typed a reply, but seems it didn't go through, so in short, my nephew loooooooooved Yogi Bear and he is 7. Don't know if he's seen Tangled, so can't give you his opinion on that. But definately know he loved Yogi, he even wanted to go back and see it again!
cool thanks

Hi, took DD to see Tangled yesterday and it was REALLY good. Although she's not 7 (only 3) she enjoyed it. I think a 7 year old would like it smile
We took both DS's (6 & 4) a couple of weeks ago to see tangled. They liked it, but DS1 really wants to see Yogi Bear and I think he will like that more.
I don't want to be stereotypical, but I think he'll like Yogi Bear better because it seems more boyish than Tangled IYKWIM.

I'm sure though that your DS will enjoy either!


DSS 13yr, DS1 4yr, DS2 3yr

Took my boys (2.5 and 12) to see Tangled today. They both enjoyed it, especially the older one. Heck i loved it as well, it was funny!


I took stepDD to see Tangled last week. She is 12. We both enjoyed it immensely. Laughed heaps.

They advertised Yogi & stepDD said she wasn't interested in seeing it.

I grew up with Yogi cartoons & I thought it looked great. Brought back good memories for me.

Guess each to their own really. Does your DS have a preference or is this a surprise for him? Maybe if not a surprise, ask him what he'd like to see.

Enjoy whichever one you see. grin
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