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If you enter as a mature age student you do have to sit a test. I did my EN first and then my RN - had no trouble getting into uni. To be honest it's probably a better option if you have kids - and cheaper (you end up with less HELP debt). Plus if you've never been to uni before you can find writing assignments/doing exams pretty daunting. I think TAFE prepares you for that a bit.
Some unis offer university preparation courses though.
As a PP has said placements vary in each place. Where I was studying we started with placements in our first semester just watching a RN for a week, then in second semester did two one week placements with basic skills right up until end of third semester where you were doing a placement for 3 days every week of the semester and 4 weeks full placement in the middle. In saying that there is nowhere else around I know that does as much hands on training; most other places I have heard of will only teach theory in first year and won't even give practice skills on a dummy.
Thanks so much for your help guys. i guess I have some thinking to do smile


I have been thinking for a while about studying nursing. I was wondering if anyone could please tell me the difference between an enrolled nurse and a registered nurse?

I know that an EN works under an RN but I am unsure what an EN's limitations are?


Jo smile

I am wanting to Enroll in EN july this year part time, is there a test you have to sit before getting accepted into the course. I don't think I could cope with doing RN, never been to uni and it scares me.
depends whether you've finished high school - if not, you have to do a test which assesses you basic literacy and numeracy skills.
Here's some info about the course offered at TAFE SA
oh and uni isn't that acary wink
I have been an EN for 10 years so memory is a little foggy on the study side of things lol and the course has gone from 12 months to 18 months but for placements we did 4 weeks aged care, 2 weeks in a hospital and 2 week either in community or psych nursing.

I work on a medical oncology ward atm and we do team nursing at my work place so a EN and a RN work together I do most of the hands on work like showers, obs, dressings, setup people with there meals and taking them to the toilet etc (I am not med endorsed) and the RN dose the meds and IVs. But with the new course the scope of practice for ENs is changing and now ENs come out of the course med endorse and IV competent, they have say at my work they would never allow ENs to do IVs but that what they said about meds and now just about all our ENs are med endorsed and the hospital is funding it lol. The top pay rate for an EN (it goes up every year for around about 6 or 8 years) is about $24 which is around the same as a entry level grad nurse (an RN who has just finished there training).

ATM moment I am in 3rd year doing my batchelor of nursing (RN). I am studying through Charles Darwin Uni, they have an online course which makes things easier with the kids. The only contact you have to do is 1 week CTB for each placement I am in Victoria and for my second year one they ran it in Melbourne, but for my third year one I have to go to Alice Springs for a week. I did not have to do first year I got credits for it, but second year I had a 4 week placement block and the kids went into full time day care for 4 weeks. This I think I have 8 or 10 weeks of placement and again the kids will go into full time day care while I am on placement. Most unis / tafes will offer both courses on a part time basis which again makes things easier with kids.

Good luck in deciding I love what I do and could image doing anything else

Yep I started as a mature aged student - I had to sit a STAT test through TAFE. It wasn't difficult - the grades that come back are a little confusing, they didn't give me a grade but told me I averaged better than 70% of everyone else in SA grin

It might be different in other states though... you'd have to ring the uni or TAFE and ask.

Can I just add that as an RN on a busy medical ward we still have to shower, set up for meals, dressings etc etc and these tasks are not just for the EN's. We all have a patient load and do our own plus we pitch in and help each other if time permits. There seems to be a perception out there that RN's don't do the "dirty work" but this is simply not true.

Good luck with your studies if you choose to go to uni, its hard work being a nurse but also very rewarding (most of the time) wink
good point
I am an RN, I work in emergency. I didnt do well in my UAI, so I became and AIN at 18 straight after school I did the certificate III in Nursing. Then I was accepted both into Uni and the EN course, at the time it was a traineeship so I decided to do the EN course and I started uni the following year.

As an EN you do not have the same knowledge(as in formal training) as an RN but are required as an EEN (Endorsed) to give medications and have a patient load and you are legally the same for you patients as an RN.

It is completely your choice but as someone else said why not be an AIN and work while going to uni, it will help you greatly.

Im in NSW, if you need any help let me know, but I check huggies about once a week.

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