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what do you wash your babys clothes with Lock Rss

When they are newborn

Do you just use your everyday washing powder or something different?

If something different, what do you use?
I always used LUX soap powder until bub was about 6 months old. But after that i just used normal washing powder.
I've always used Persil and always washed their clothes with ours. Our children don't have particularly sensitive skin though.

I used to buy a sensitive washing liquid from Coles. It was in a baby blue bottle (sorry can't remember the name). It was really good with just a slight smell to it. I loved it so much I ended up washing all of our clothes in it laugh
Lux. For my baby shower my Aunty gave me 4 boxes of Lux, 5 jars of Napisan & 5 bottles of fabric softener. Seriously one of the best pressies i got - it's saved so much $$$ DD's 6mths old and i've only used 1/2 the stuff!

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I use Purity from Woolies for all of DDs stuff (towels, clothes, wraps and bedding). it says its a sensitive one.
The stuff we wash our clothes in smells really chemically so i dont like it too much.

I always swore i wouldnt do them seperately (when people told me too) thinkin it was stupid etc LOL but i cant help it! heehee
I used the Eco Store range of powders/liquids in the beginning, now I use Persil Sensitive. But sometimes DS clothes get mixed up with my DH's and he prefers Drive and DS's skin is fine.

I use OMO sensitive washing powder & napisan in a seperate wash smile
I use an environmentally friendly powder for sensitive skin (I had to wash DD1's underwear with it originally because she gets a bit irritated) for all of our loads. I use Canistan anti bacterial rinse as well smile The rinse was originally for DD2's MCNs, then I used it for DHs work gear to get the smell out and now I use it for all loads as well.

Thanks for all the replies

I used a sensitive washing liquid with DS's clothes seperately for the first 6months or so..

I just had a sudden urge this arvo to pull out all my baby clothes and sort through them and wash them(it is a really nice sunny day here today), I sorted them out and will wait until i do my groceries tomorrow and grab some sensitve washing powder/liquid
I use LUX flakes aswell.
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