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Hello ladies,

I have recently moved to Manilla, NSW. I am really interested in doing the Cert III in Education Support course through TAFE. I noticed that my local TAFE which is Tamworth, does not provide that course. I just tried ringing them but they are really busy. I thought I would try my luck on here in the hope that someone can help me.

My question is: Has anyone or is anyone studying this course through correspondence in NSW? Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Kathy smile

hey, although i am in perth, i have just completed this course and am just about to start work. however i did not do it through tafe, the course i went through is called Fast Track Training Australia. it only took me 10 weeks,the company has government funding so i never paid a cent. I went to class once a fortnight and did the rest on my own time at home. it was great! the website is im not sure if they do the courses over where u are but check the website smile good luck!!

edited to add: i just looked and it seems they only do them in perth and in mandurah where i am, but maybe give them a email, Rhiannon should beable to tell you if there is any other companies in NSW that do the fast track smile

try this place B online, I was going to start cert lll in education support this year but have decided to leave it till next. When I do start I will be doing it though B online
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