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What is a good small/medium breed dog to have around children?

A breed that doesn't require a lot of maintenance or a lot of exercise (as in taking it for walk everyday etc)?

Also a breed that can be trained fairly easily?

Or am I asking too much lol....
A jack Russle, very smart and easy to train!!

Do not get a maltese!!!! I have one and she is mental, she jumps fences and is constantly escaping!!!!! The largest source of stress in my life at the moment is that stupid dog!!

We ahvea blue heeler cross whit it.. LOL he is full on like having another child. But he is wonderful with the kids.. I think if you get them when they are puppies they grow up together so it's great!!

I had a king charles cavlier spainal and i think thwy would be perfect.. But very sookie dogs!!
A beagle!!

They are such a fantastic dog, and really careful around kids!
My parents have Cavvies, they are just great, require brushing, but not exercise

The above dogs are mostly working breads and will require exercise or they can become naughty. The only breed of dog that is low maintenance, great with kids and has a nature that comes trained is a Greyhound.

You can adopt an ex-racer (some as young as 6 months old) for $200 from Greyhound Racing Victoria's greyhound adoption program. Desexed, vaccinated, and a lot of other things as well.

The greyhound is famous for running fast and chasing rabbits but they don't need to do that and if they had their way they would sleep all day. Greyhounds are described as 45 mile-an-hour couch potatoes. They hardly lose hair at all, they like to stay clean, they don't eat you out of home and they love kids. They will tolerate rough behaviour because they understand that kids are kids.

I could go on all day. tongue

omg we have had 2 jack russels and they were both mental!
our first one was a family dog we got as a pup and we had to give him away cos he started "hunting" my pop and cos he was older as soon as he jumped on him his skin would just tear. mum ended up paying a farm near us $300 to have him. and that was after all the puppy training etc he was such a cute dog but so mental. oh and he went on 3 walks a day (mum my sister and i all took him on a separate walk every day)
our current dog is a jack russel cross golden lab. she is mental too the kids are petrified of her, and now i am too cos she has attacked me 3 times now and actually bit me last night. so i think unfortunately she might need to find a new home too sad i dont want her to bite my kids.

we have a lab....

But in response to your post.... All dogs including the lazy ones need exercise if only a walk around the block.... if not they become naughty like little children that have been stuck in the house all day.... dig holes and stuff....
I walk/run mine 5km everyday..... and lately i have been lazy and i drive and she runs as its too hard with the baby, and three year old to do it while my husband is working til 8pm at the moment....

also you couldn't pay me enough to own a jack russell...
woof! all dogs need a walk everyday, if only around the block so they have can have a sniff of what's going on in the 'hood.
Don't get too stuck on a breed, as dogs are individuals too! (though I never met a jack russell who wasn't an ad for Energiser)

3 girls under 3

I did say a breed that doesn't need a LOT of exercise not NONE. I am not silly of course dogs need exercise....

I am not a fan of Jack Russell's, our neighbour has one and it has escaped into our courtyard a few times and it is nearly impossible to catch it just doesn't stop.

I have a friend with a Kings Charles and it sheds everywhere. My MIL has a Maltese and a silky terrier both are horrible with my kids.

Sigh, maybe I should just get a cat, I like cats. DH thinks it will be good for the kids to have a dog though...
We do have a Jack Russel, his about 3 1/2 he is the most laziest dog in the world! Yes if he gets out his off and running and his selective turns on but other than that he is pretty calm. He actually didnt pass puppy school cause he'd rather sleep on DP lap then play and train tongue
We've got a staffy. She looks scary but is totally non-aggressive (when other dogs growl at her, she thinks they want to play lol). Happy to go for walks or just veg out. Doesn't need much maintenance. Loooves kids. Doesn't dig, doesn't chew anything (probably because she's got about 30 toys smile). She does tend to whinge a bit at times.
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