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we have a beagle and he is pretty cool!! We don't have kids yet but he has been good when other ppl have brought babies and kids over! He only walks a few times and week and pretty much sleeps when he is upstairs and we are watching TV.
in my experience of jack Russell dog (no offense to those that have them)...the ones i have met have been biters.
I have only ever been bit by 2 dogs in my life and they were both (different) Jack Russell dogs sad
I have a Maltese x Shiz-tsu e have has from 7 weeks, who has a lovely temperament but does get a bit excitable when we first get home or have visitors, but generally settles down after she has said hello a dozen or so times. She has never bitten anyone and will only grumble if she thinks you are going to sit on her (fair enough!) She doesn't shed hair but does need to be clipped occasionally.

Our other dog is a Sheltie x Corgi. She is both the smartest and stupidest dog I have ever encountered. Learns 'tricks' really quickly but will not move out of the way when you are walking through. We got her when she was much older so is a bit skittish, but seems to have no problem with children. She sheds a fair bit (i think i could knit with it sometimes) if you let her coat grow but we keep her clipped short because the combination of both fine and course hair itches.

Basically any dog can be the perfect dog with enough love, training and support. If people think they will get a dog, throw it out the back door and only pay attention to it when you feel like it and have that dog be anything but mental, you are in for a rude, loud, digging, biting, destroying shock. (not that I am say you will do this or have inferred anything of the sort)

Any breed can be perfect.
We have a King Charles Cavalier. He is a beautiful dog and just loves affection and to be near us. He is excellent with the kids. He is 2 and a half years old. We got him when DS was 2 and just before DD was born. It probably wasn't the best timing to get a puppy.

He is a very lazy dog so he does not require much exercise. He does require brushing but we now live in northern WA so I have him shaved every 3 to 4 months to keep him cool as it is always hot here. It is a bit of a shame to do that to him as his fur looks so cute, but it is better that he is cool.

Down sides to him: He has no idea when he is full and he just eats and eats and eats. The kids feed him too. As a result he got over weight but he has been on a diet and has lost 4 kg and is almost back to a normal weight. I would also say he isn't the smartest dog I have ever had but he is cute and gentle.
We have a staffy, and like someone mentioned above they do look scary but are so gentle and good with kids. We got ours about 3 years before we had our son, and she did get a little jealous (just comes up to us alot for cuddles), but absolutely loves him.

We were silly and didnt get her trained though, so ours did chew EVERYTHING for a while, she is about 4 now and is very placid and a great guard dog as well.

I'd also reccomend a beagle as well, they are awesome. Or a boxer (much the same as a staffy just bigger).
Hi hun

I grew up with a dobermann from the time I was 3 months old & have had all sorts of breeds since, pedigrees & crosses.

A good all round small, non shedding dog is a Cavoodle. Cavalier x Poodle.

Great temperament, non allergenic, doesn't eat much, needs clipping & brushing every so often, but other than that, fantastic.

Great with all ages, easy to train, affectionate.

Good for kids to learn a bit of responsiblity & respect with any pet, be it anything from a fish to dog or larger.

Hope you find a suitable pet. smile
When growing up we had a black labrador who was the best around kids. Also had a dalmation who was fantastic but it took forever to walk her as all the kids would come out and want to pat her (was around the time when the movie came out). Both were very quiet and tolerant dogs.
DH and I had a Jack Russel who was great. He wasnt a biter and was so in love with the kids once they came along.
All breeds have their bad points and all dogs will have their problems if not trained properly. Also even the most placid/child friendly dog shouldnt be left with any child without adult supervison (not saying you would do this but have seen the aftermath when it has been).

I would pick one that does not have a lot of hair, my cavvy sheds heaps!

It does depend upon the size of your yard...

Have a look at the website below, you put in info about your yard, exercise, hair length etc and it comes up with a few suggestions...

The RSPCA are great for helping you select a breed that is suitable for your situation, be it rehomed or not.

good luck in your search....

We have 2 staffy dogs and they are really good with 9 month old DD. She loves them, they don't come inside much but if they do they let DD climb over them and touch there face (not with out copping a lick sometimes!!). Staffy's are really good with children lots of my friends have staffy's and they have such a beautiful nature and even though you can play rough with them they seem to know to be gently with DD.
We have a staffy too, he is awesome, so gentle with DS. He loves to play but most of the day he is sleeping, he is such a lazy dog! he does jump up when someone comes to the door, but it dosnt last long, he just wants to say hello. He was very easy to train, and i feel safe with him as my Df works away although he may look and sound a bit scary, he is the biggest sook LOL
good luck on finding a new family member smile

We have 2 Cavaliers King Charles fur babies and they are extremely tolerant of children (even the roughest of kids) and are a perfect fit for our family. Ours are both very intelligent but our cousins have 2 and they are both very absent minded. The shedding drives me mad though and I don't have the time to brush them everyday. Next time we will be looking at a Cavoodle. The temperament of a cavalier but the the non-shedding fur of a poodle.

Like one of the pp mentioned. Check out petnet. That's how we ended up choosing the cavies.

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

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