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I want to get dd2 a nice keepsake book on frogs (her nickname is froggy). Had a look at borders and A&R and couldn't find anything. There is heaps on borders online but no idea which one to pick. Does anyone have a nive picture book on frogs hardback?

Try Australia Post. Steve Parish does some beautiful books for kids with his photography, and I'm pretty sure there's a frog one. Google him, he's probably got a website that would tell you.
Are you talking about just picture (photos) or story books? My kids have Froggy Green It's a board book for small children (sorry, you didn't say how old your dd is) Also Jonathon London does a series called "Froggy goes to...." There are quite a few in the series. Not sure if thats what you're after <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
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