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Water, cordial, fizzy, juice, milk...... Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone only allows their children water?

If they have cordial is it mix-up or fizzy?

I give my children water, juice or milk.
If going out for the day I might make up a bottle of cordial but mainly it's water...

At their grandparents they have an occasional cordial and on special occasions such as Birthdays or Christmas we have fizzy...
Mine mainly drink water, but do have cordial throughout the day some days. They are also allowed 1 cup of apple juice at breakfast time.
My kids have water usually. I don't buy juice as they actually prefer water when given the choice (At a party recently DD1 turned down juice and asked for water instead) We do occasionally have fizzy though and they love hot chocolate.
DD1 (4 in March) only has water, soy milk and watered down juice unless we are out in which case she will sometimes get a bottle of straight juice but generally we take water out with us anyway. She has had lemonade a couple of times when relatives have given it to her but i'm not really keen on her having soft drink so I don't offer it to her and she doesn't ask. I'm not overly strict on what she eats and she's allowed the occasional lolly, biscuit etc... but I have just never felt the need to give her soft drink or cordial.
I buy juice occasionally, but once its here I limit how much/when they are having. If they're thirsty is usually water, on school holidays, weekends etc I'll make smoothies or milkshakes, but thats more to fill them up in place of a snack.
Fizzy drinks only very occasionally as a treat and only lemonade (no coke/cola) and def no "energy" drinks.
She just gets water. A couple of times a week she will get a milkshake when we are out, and once a month when we go out to dinner she gets lemonade.
very occasionally juice (doesnt seem to like it)
never fizzy drink or cordial (doesnt like it/not allowed it)
and she doesnt like milk.
ETA: i tell a lie, she will drink the occasional milk shake if we go to a cafe. maybe once a month. But apart from that, she wont drink any form of milk.
Mine get milk in the mornings, water thru the day and fresh squeezed juice with dinner.

Occasionally, like maybe twice a week, they will get cordial- but its made up very weak.

If we go out for dinner (cant even remember the last time!), they will have lemonade- never any other fizzy drink tho.

We try an have that Juice for breakfast only (mainly a weekend thing) but it is also watered down...
Milk is often morning and/or night...
While fizzy is only lemonade... smile

Often there is cordial in the house but they rarely ask for it...
Bub has formula, and then water with meals, and available throughout the day especially if its hot.

My daughter won't drink water so has either diluted juice (like traditional cordial about 1:5 concentration) or cordial (fruit juice cordial but very very weak so you can barely even see a color change). She also has milk with breakfast and occasionally another milk later or a warm milk with a tiny bit of pure cocoa powder in it when i have a coffee.
Mainly water. He has a milk after dinner, sometimes milk at breakfast if he asks for it. 1-2 times a week he has watered down juice or a very weak cordial at lunchtime. If we buy a meal out, he gets (full-strength) juice.

In winter, he has a warm milo at breakfast some days (half hot water, half milk) & in warmer weather maybe once a week his night-time milk is milo as a treat.

He was allowed a tiny cup of lemonade recently (when we were moving into this house & a friend of my mums brought lunch & there was either lemonade, coke or tap water) he didn't like it. I prefer him not to have softdrink, when he's a bit older I will allow him to have one on rare, special occasions (NOT cola)

ETA: he only had water & milk before 2.
Water and milk.

I do give them half a Nudie juice each every now and then. And we make up our own juices sometimes too.

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