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Water, cordial, fizzy, juice, milk...... Lock Rss

We have juice with breakfast, weak cordial made with soda water or juice for lunch and water the rest of the day here. Sometimes DD will drink milk or milky tea during the day but it is mainly water. DS would drink juice all day if we let him but he knows it pointless to ask for it lol

Reneemargaret please refrain from calling me dumb or stupid for my parenting choices, my children have a very well balanced and healthy diet most of the time and if I choose to allow them a treat twice a day so be it, just because it is not something you choose to do it dose not make me dumb or stupid, just different.

My kids drink water and milk. When we go out they sometime have a fruit box or small lemonade!!

In our family we live by the motto everything in moderation. They are taught that there are every day foods and drinks and sometimes foods and drinks. They will continue to be taught that throughout their lives and i hope they grow to make the right decisions regarding their diet smile
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