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Give me your ideas. Im going insane. Im snapping at everyone. Ds and df are driving me insane atm and i feel like all I'm doing is yelling all the time. I know I'm stressed out and uptight i just cant seem to settle down.

What do you do when your stressed out.

I would love to get out and go for a walk but im stuck in the house with no where to go and i dont fit in the bath here so relaxing baths are out(damn short bath tub). I keep reaching for food and....eating eat and I'm trying to loose weight so obviously those two things dont mix well so i need something else to do to occupy myself and take my mind off things and destress

mum to one goregous boy

Bury my nose in a book or some cross word puzzles!
I knit.

I find that having to concentrate on the pattern and count stitches take my mind away from whatever's bothering me.

And as a bonus, the kids get nice handknitted stuff! I've also made blankets and throws smile

I cook!! Maybe not so good for you seen your trying to lose weight! But it calms me down so much and i feel like i acheive something afterwards grin

Hope your feeling better soon smile
Put my DD to bed each night LOL

nah at the moment i am watching Greys Anatomy and am midway through Season 4 so i usually watch that of an evening to wind down. Or at night in bed i like to read and constantly have a book by my bedside table.

Put my DD to bed each night LOL

Hehe, I like that one!!

Hehe, I like that one!!

oh i love that one. if only ds cooperated lol this is a contributing factor to my stress levels sad

mum to one goregous boy

I take a long hot bath, maybe watch the hills or friends, call a friend, go for a walk with my dog, come on huggies, paint my nails. There is alot you can do you just have to know what you enjoy.
i have a bath get my partner to watch the kids and soak for a long long time lol
When the kids are in bed I come on huggies, go on FB, email friends, surf different sites and just zone out - its my me time.

You could try Swisse Mood tablets, I was feeling stressed and snappy all the time and they really made a big difference... and so does getting a couple of hours in the evening where I can watch whatever I want on TV or go on the net without anyone bothering me.
I read Jackie Collins lol... Takes me to another world!!
i knit or read

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