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What bank are you with? Rss

Which bank do you do your general banking with and why?
I started out with Heritage but switched over to Suncorp when I got my first job (back 11 years ago) and they said I needed a Suncorp account. I had a run in with a very rude call centre lady and changed over to Westpac to have joint accounts with DH. We have been with Westpac ever since.

With all this "down on the big four banks" going on (I know mainly because of interest rates and loans) my Brother asked why we stayed with them. he is with St George and I just laughed at him because Westpac bought out St George awhile back.

Anyway I am just curious as to why you picked the bank you did and why you choose to stay with them?
NAB and I really am impressed with their service up until the down week they But there again they took care of me straight away. I was with westpac but they didn't care about us really so we changed banks
i was origianlly with commonwealth from a child because thats what my parents got me. then i changed to westpac because they could offer me a fee free bank account. so now i am mainly with westpac although i still have an account with commonwealth were i have direct debits out of and a loan through them which was done through commonwealth because i had a long banking history with them.

i am happy with westpac though and there is the bank i do most of my everyday banking with

mum to one goregous boy

St George for us. Our home loan is with them and I prefer to have all my main accounts with the same bank. When we refinance we may change banks, it just depends on which bank we refinance the home loan with.

loans, mortgages etc are with CBA. each time we have gone through a finance broker and each time CBA has been the best choice.

i have my general account with westpac just cos. have had it for 15 years and it costs me $5 per month for 2 accounts and 1 credit card.

dh was with adelaide bank until they started charging him $1 for the privilege of using their own atm. so he switched all his stuff over to CBA
Bank of QLD. They've been fantastic.
Had some big probs with NAB once so will never go back. I'd paid out a loan and 2 years later they said I hadnt, huge drama finally won the dispute in my favor.
My first account was with the commenwealth bank, but i switched to a credit union CPS, because CBA had expensive account keeping fees, where the CPS didnt have those at the time (i was a student)so worked out better for me as a low income student. I have stayed with them ever since, i guess because its much easier than organising a new account elsewhere smile

We are through the police credit Union, they are a great bank to be with, not many fees
I bank with Defcredit (Defence Force Credit Union) & I really like them! They are small & personal & I have never had any dramas!

Im with NAB i was happy with them until DP and i have been having lots of problems so plan to switch.
I started with CAB as my parents were with them

Moved to westpac when I hot my first mortage as they offered the best deal

Moved to national when we started our business as they were best at the time for business loans

Back with westpac in the last 12 mths as we got a broker and westpac offered us the best deal wink

Not afraid to change again in future if we can get better elsewhere either wink
We are with ANZ. DH had accounts with them when we got married so we just put them in joint names.

No real dramas with them. They're a bank and therefore suck lol but we do what we can to reduce fees and I always pay off credit card early coz I hate giving them anymore of our money. All in all no complaints

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