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So freaking excited!!!!! Lock Rss

...and I will be 7 months pregnant hope the baby doesn't come early!

I bought 2 tickets and am hoping *fingers crossed* DH will be able to come with me (wed night) and we can find a babysitter otherwise I may be requesting a Perth huggies mum tags along to keep me company .

So freaking excited!!!!!!! I have never been to a real concert before (unless you count the tickets I won to Vanessa Amarosi when I was 13 )
I'll see you there tongue

We got tickets a while ago smile We are super excited about going. Im more excited about the support bands myself LMAO
Good to hear there are other metal heads on here! tongue
I am also going to Disturbed (mainly for Trivium hehe) but in April in Syd I will have a 1 month old (if all goes well) by then but just today the DH bought tickets to a Side wave to Coheed and Cambria, Stonesour, 36 Crazy fists and Sevendust for the 28th of Feb! Day after SW Syd because I dont think Ill be able to go to SW because Ill be 36 1/2 WEEKS! gasp
I'll come!!!!! Oh my, lucky you!!!

Id love to go!! sad

Keep me in mind if you get stuck haha

I'll come!!!!! Oh my, lucky you!!!

Id love to go!! <span class="emoticon sad">sad</span>

Keep me in mind if you get stuck haha

I will! I have been wanting to see them for years and I was not missing out this time no matter what
Arrgghh im jelouse!!!!! I went to Metallica when i was 7 mnths lol!! bub went ballistic lol
I'm going too grin grin

My baby should be about 4 - 6wks by then lol

The tickets are my bday present only I'm trying to find someone else to go with me coz DH might be back at work by the time of the concert laugh

Can't wait!
I HATE YOU ALL!!! sad sad sad sad

Take me!!!!!! I haven't been to a concert in ages....I've missed Cradle Of Filth, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden, Stryper. Last concert I went to was the Wiggles lol.

Rock on my metal sisters cool
OMGGG!! I didnt know there was tickets available still!!!

I shall speak to DP and i might see you all there!!!
My first ever concert was the wiggles! lol
Then LOG & Devildriver was pretty exciting!
My BF went to Metallica in Nov last year but im not a huge fan so I didnt go but I went to korn in December last year, I was 24 weeks and a bit worried but I sat for the first 2 bands so I was alright grin
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