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Centrelink Lock Rss

Ok so when I was in re early stages of my second trimester, I went down to Centrelink to see what sort of payments I was entitled too. Only because I had not been getting many hours at work(not because I am pregnant but because I am an older stuff and they want to put the younger/cheaper staff on) plus my savings were looking a little bare.

Any way I was expecting to get rent assistance and maybe some other sort of help, but according to Centrelink the only thing I was entitled to was the New Start Allowance (plus rent assistance, but I don't really see how $70 a fortnight helps pay rent of $130 a week)

New Start means that I had to get a job diary and look for work, at least 9 jobs a fortnight. I was like "but I'm pregnant! Whose going to hire a pregnant woman?"
They were like "being pregnant isn't a medical reason for why you can't look for a job"
Ah.... What about the fact that every pregnancy is different? For example what if my morning sickness kicked in again and I couldnt work because I am sick?

Now I know some women like working while they are pregnant, but I didn't want to get a brand new job that I was just going to leave in Feb anyway. I don't mind working at the job I have now I just couldn't believe that they wanted me to look for another job.

Also I was told I had to attend a number of meetings at Mission Australia. I found most of these meetings (plus the meetings at Centrelink) to be a waste of time as all they were were them asking me to go over my details - "is this your name?" - "is this your phone number?" - "is this your address?" blah blah blah

The last meeting a went to at Mission Australia was just before Xmas and they explained to me that I need to go in on 25th January (this tuesday) for an intense activity work shop. Again I was like "so you known will be about 32/33 weeks pregnant and you want me to come down here, knowing full well that I have to walk down there in the heat, for something that I won't need soon cause I'm having a baby?"
And they were like "yes you still need to attend"

gasp does that seem weird to anybody else or just me?

It's really annoying cause I know a few people who are on Centrelink and don't have to do anything and they get money that goes straight to cigarettes and drinking, yet I have to jump through all these hoops and I have like 7 weeks left until I give birth.

It just seems completely insane to me.

I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow morning cause I'm gonna see if I can get a doctors note or something to get me out of this job seeking stuff.
unfortunately its the way it is. they wont take pregnancy as an excuse until your last 6 weeks. i was at uni part time, working part time and on youth allowance but because neither uni nor work were full time they also expected me to look for work while pregnant.

i know its a painbut be grateful we live in a country where we have a government that hands out benefits.

mum to one goregous boy

sounds fair enough to me...
I went through something similar while pregnant with DD.

I had to do a week long course though and I was 34 weeks pregnant, I had DD a week and a half later so it really was a massive waste of time.

I also had to have a letter from my GP AND the Hospital to "prove" I was pregnant .

It really was a huge waste of time because no one is going to employ you (except maybe a short term contract) because they know you will be leaving soon. You have to do what you have to do though I suppose.

I also had to walk in to town every day for the week and on the last day they informed that I would have been eligible for a taxi subsidy if I had asked .
I think its wrong of Centrelink to make you look for a job but they dont have a benefit for sitting on your arse if yor pregnant!!! I have never got centrelink cos I think its a waste of time so I have a job!!! Think you should either go with out money or do what they ask you to do and when you have the baby you can go on the paid parental leave!!!
At least you are getting some assistance - something is better then nothing.
It is all pointless but at least you will get something out of it.

My partner and I don't even earn enough to be able to live - we are forced to live with family rent free to be able to afford everything else we need and we get no financial assistance (have spoken to people over and over again and always get the same answer - we don't qualify for help).
Yet we get to sit next to a single mother who the government pays to sit on her arse and feed her kids crap (usually takeaways). The more kids she has the longer she gets money and the more she gets - why don't we get a raise if we have another child?!
These people who are living off the government are able to afford things I can only dream of getting for my daughter.

The way the government works is infuriating.
I had to do the same thing when i was pregnant with DS and i was classed as high risk.

If you want the extra assistance, you will comply with their rules, its pretty simple really.

If you want to complain about how much you are getting, or what you have to do to get that money, then dont receive anything off centrelink. SIMPLE. roll eyes roll eyes
I showed up for one of their interviews at 32 weeks pregnant and the lady asked how far along I was, I told her, and then she asked me "what are you doing here, you don't have to do anything from 12 weeks out from your due date". So I haven't had an interview since, bubs is almost four months old now.
I was already hooked into centrelink though so it might make a difference because I didn't have to fill in a heap of forms first.

Your doctor can give you a centrlink medical certificate for up to 3 months, so just grab one of those and you'll be right.

I'm just so glad DF got a 'normal' job so I don't have to have much to do with them anymore.

Wish they did 'mortgage assistance', I'll happily take the $70 a fortnite if you don't want it!
To be honest it doesn't sound like they're asking you to do anything unreasonable. I'm a nurse and worked till I was 34 weeks (would have worked longer but I had plenty of annual leave). I was still expected to do as much as everyone else, which included helping patients get up and turning them in bet - so we're talking about physically heavy tasks. I'd be on my feet for 8 hours (I'd get to sit down for maybe 30min to write patient notes) and had to walk to e.g. the pharmacy (in a huge public hospital), medical records etc. so we're talking kilometres/day. On top of that I had to work on a quality improvement project which included going to numerous workshops and meetings - some of which I had to attend in my own time.
I had pretty bad morning sickness and reflux in my second trimester and still had to be at work at 7am for morning shifts.
In my third trimester I got a certificate from my OB so that I wouldn't have to do night shifts - we do 10 hr. night shifts and I was getting really bad morning sickness after nights, not to mention we only had 2 nurses on for about 12 patients - 8-9 of whom often required full nursing care, and I was getting excruciating back and abdominal pain.
When I gave the certificate to my nurse manager she told me pregnancy wasn't a disease and I could only get modified duties (which I wasn't asking for) if I was on work cover. I ended up going to my union and they finally took me off nights.
So honestly it doesn't seem like they're asking too much expecting you to go to a work shop, walk to centrelink and ring up 9 places that you know are not gonna employ you anyway.
I agree with the post above!
I worked as a hairdresser until I was 36 weeks! I had to stand on my feet all day...Never took any sick days!
I think people need to stop thinking poor me and be greatful they get anything at all!
It's only a course Im sure you can handle it!
I also think the "I wont get a job because im pregnant" attitude doesn't help. I changed Jobs when pregnant as i was working in a pub and couldn't work the nights and change kegs etc.
I applied for jobs, was honnest about my pregnancy and told them I was willing to work any hours and work my guts out for them...actually got offered two jobs at 4months pregnant

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