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This will upset some people Rss

most women I know get their nails done on a regular basis.

My nails grow incredibly quickly, never break and are massively strong and healthy.

And I hate nails. I cut them at LEAST once a week.

Is there anyone else that simply cannot stand to have nails?

Told you it was controversial......
Haha. Score! Nice.
Mine dont grow so save's cutting them tongue
Dbl grr
Lol.... thanks for the laugh. I am sitting here contemplating whether I should shave my legs for next Friday or if I should just leave them. They haven't been shaved since May last year... lol... and the surgeon has already seen how long the hairs on them are... lol I suppose the question of more importance is to whether I tidy up you know where or not although my underwear will still be on... lol

Is OVER rude people


I like the idea of having nails, but I keep mine short too. They get in the way, and imo look unclean.
There's no way I could walk into one of those nail parlours, ugh.
you girls are bad, evil almost because I just going to bed and you made me stay a bit longer.My nails are quite long too and strong but only on the left hand.the right ones are short as they break more.I hardly ever cut them and shape them evey few months.The last time I cut them to the same very short length was sometime just before xmas.I have never shaved legs as the hairs are pretty much non existant so there is no point and saves time.I do underarms though.Now I am really going

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I sue to have grat nails but after children, i feel that i have t cut them as if im changing there nappoes i dont want ti strach there buttoms etc.. Maybe when they are older ill have my long nils back!!
The one night I don't come on and you post a topic like THIS! *shakes head*

I have never had my nails done! Stuck some falsies on for my formal many years ago if that counts for anything. Mine seem to break easily, so everytime I try to grow them a little, one breaks, I get the sh*ts & cut them all off again. I don't bother trying to grow them anymore, so they get cut every week or 2 and kept short.
I have never had my nails 'done'. The best I do for a haircut is a quick trip to Justcuts, where I tell them to do whatever they like!
Long nails get in the way of everything. My gardening gloves wont fit. Long hair is the same, gets in the way, can't see what I'm doing. Hack it all off.
Hmmm, coffee time... smile
I can't grow my nails they just break and as for having my nails done I think it is a complete waste of money. Plus like someone else said worry about scratching bubs during nappy change if they do get long. I have stuck on false ones once and that was for my wedding.

Never had a manicure or a pedicure!

Twice I've tried to be a bit 'girlie' and got acrylic nails put on but gave it up cause the technicians used to get shirty at me for filing them down so short.....apparently inch long talons are pretty!

Personally I wouldnt waste my money getting my nails done on a regular basis, heck I havent even had a hair cut in nearly 18 months! blink

i grow my nails as much as possible but they quite thin so they tend to tear quite easily which annoys me cause i end up with fluffy stuff stuck.. but to those who worry about scratching, i usually have long nails + my ring and ive never scratched my kids, took my ring off for the first couple weeks after having DD but other than that i didnt worry

Same. My nails are natural but dont last long at any real length, they just bend and tear. That drives me bonkers, more than the nails themselves.
I used to have acrylics, but the maintenance was sooo tedious that I just gave it up, also they kept lifting and coming off. However, the edges were really smooth so I never ever scratched the kids when I did have false nails.
The only bit I hate about having long nails is when you have to get your fingers into something (like playdough, or when making meatballs etc). I freak out when there is something under my nails and the longer they are, the worse it is.
Maybe I should just stick to them being short all the time and then I wont have to stress about them tearing all the time......

The only time I ever did scratch anyone was when I had natrual nails, and one was jagged without me realising. I had hold of DS face to clean up after eating and he turned his head quickly to look at something and it just caught him on the cheek.
Even my engagement ring (which has been known to scratch people in a crowded elevator) hasnt ever scratched the kids.

His Royal Highness, Prince William

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