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Ideas for a romantic weekend needed ;) Lock Rss

It's our 2nd wedding anniversary in April. For our first we did nothing (no presents, cards, nothing) so this is like our first I guess.
We have the grandparents lined up to baby sit the girls for the weekend and we're going to Mooloolaba and staying on the esplanade.

I want to do something nice, romantic, know, completely different to every other day LOL!

Hit me with ideas please smile
I'm thinking lingerie, candles, i've made sure there is a spa in the apartment so that's handy wink

Any ideas would be awesome!

Congrats to you both!

Tealight candles placed around the spa & a bottle of wine or champagne & strawberries & cream to share in the spa. Feed each other the strawberries dipped in the cream.

We were treated to this a a gift from the hotel on our wedding night. Was so special & different for us. Really enjoyable.

A silky nightie or special lingerie under the clothes you wear to the hotel.

Ask him to slowly undress you before the spa.

Start the night with a romantic dinner.

Rose petals sprinkled on the bed. You can do this while he is in the bathroom.

All the best for a great anniversary.

Your idea of sexy and romantic or his idea? I have a filthy dirty mind.... If you want your idea go with the PP if you want his possible idea.... PM me and I'll give a few ideas.... Not posting them for everyone to see... might scare someone! LOL.... he he he
Aha! I like the lingerie under the clothes! Quite sneaky. Love it!
DH doesn't eat strawberries or drink wine/champagne which sucks but i'll think of something involving chocolate and Kahlua LOL!!
I have a bottle of champagne we were given at our engagement party in 2005. I was going to crack it open at our wedding but I was pregnant so i'm going to open it on our weekend away (2 nights child free! Can you believe it! LOL!!!) and I told him he has to have a little bit of it, just for the experience and the memory smile

Love your ideas, thanks!!

Chocolate body paint - paint each other with it, then you have to lick it off of each other.

Kahlua - yum!

Make some Kahlua chocolates?

Get some wild hibiscus flowers for your champagne to give it something special too.

However your spend your child free weekend hun, hope it is ultra special & you enjoy your time away. grin
AnitaO I sent you a PM smile

Wild Hibiscus, thanks so much. We really need this time away to get back to how we were before we had kids. Now we're just mum and dad living together with a little spice every now and then. That's not how either of us want our relationship to be. Really, it's on my part that things have settled down drastically. We both know that with everything going on our relationship was bound to change, settle, whatever but now i'm ready to really wake up our relationship smile

Thanks again, you've been a great help!

Wow hun, you sound like us LOL.

We don't realise how much things change when kids come along, do we?

Pleased to have been of help to you & hope AnitaO has some unscary ideas for you too. laugh
Think basic yet special details, wear a matching underwear set, looks really sexy wink
Remember his favorite things, only a few because sometimes with men if sex is on the brain they wont notice tongue But if your hubby is not like that then he will notice!!!
Order his favorite food for dinner (steak, pizza etc)
Wear his fav color on you!
Get his fav chocolates...
But like the other girls said, candles, wine, and strawberries and you wont go wrong!!!
And enjoy! grin
Enjoy your weekend away, it sounds fantastic.

I work with HEAPS of guys, most of the workforce is male. From what I have seen blocks don't really appreciate all the effort of rose petals, candles etc Even though us chicks really like those things. I think do all of those things to make yourself feel special and in the "mood" but from what I have seen blocks just basically want SEX or at least the anticipation of sex going to happen in the near future (your guy may be different though).

Maybe you could write him a little story of what you intend to get up to with him and give it to him a day or 2 before you go (you could include all of the rose petals, spa etc in the story). Or you could go and buy something like crutchless knickers or some other naughty thing from a sex shop but give it to him before you go and tell him to look after it for you as you will be needing it for your trip away.

What ever you end up doing I am sure you guys will have a great weekend away.
Thanks so much ladies! As i'm reading the ideas i'm thinking about where to get certain things in town, his reaction to some of them and when during our stay to put some of these ideas in to action...loving it!
Thanks again smile

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