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has anyone got any feedback on These slings??

i have seen a few women using them and wondering if they are easy to use and whether you can use them to feed etc

thanks! <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
Hi there! I don't own one, but I borrowed one with my first. I would like one for the next little one.

They are comfortable and you can feed bub in it. Its a kind of stretchy material so you can move it around and bubs is still very secure. The only drama I found with it was that it was time consuming to put on. Its not handy for running into the shops for a couple of minutes, but it is handy if they are going to be in it for a while. It takes practice putting it on, but once you have done it a few times, you will be a pro! I think they are normally over the $100 mark, so if you can get it under that - bargain! You can also make them for a lot cheaper again. If you are after something super quick to use, something like a ring sling is perfect. bubs is snug, it takes 30secs to put on and you have 2 hands, plus you can use it until they are proper kids. (my 3.5 yr old still goes in it when she wants!)Slings all have different purposes. Its good to get a couple of different ones to cover the different uses.
Hi, I have a Moby wrap which looks pretty much exactly the same. I can't rave enough about it!! I think it is fabulous and used it all the time when my bubba was tiny. I ended up getting an ergo once she was about 11 months old as I could never get the hang of putting her on my back in it and by then she was getting a bit heavy to wear on the front for long distances (at that stage I was going for long walks (10km or so) for exercise but not where I could take a buggy).
It is wonderful for shopping etc, I would just wear the wrap and then pop her out of the carseat and into the wrap. There are some good demos on youtube on how to put it on (search moby wrap) as it can be a bit confusing at first. It is good for feeding in, and is very discrete. I found it WAY better than the Elite front pack that I also have, it distributes the baby's weight much more evenly and also rests a lot of it on your hips. Plus if your bubba falls to sleep then you just tuck their head under the edge of the cloth to keep it from flopping around. smile
I had one for DS2. I loved it when he was a newborn. They are very fiddly so I put it on before leaving the house lol. And I used to have him in it when doing the laundry etc sometimes
I loved how it distributed the weight of bubs. My back didnt feel like it was breaking like it did with one of the others I had.
I'm looking into a Ergo baby this time though, something quick and easy.

I got mine for $65 or $85 on sale at Babies Galore.
ergos are great for when they are a little bit older, but it doesn't have the closeness of the hugabub for a newbie. I reckon your hab would be better for the first couple of months and then go to the ergo. Ergos are quite big and you need to use the infant insert - but to me the insert looks much to bulky and defeats the intimacy purpose between you and bub. Although - the convinience of carrying bub would still be very high on the list. You could look at a ring sling or pouch sling if you want something quick to put on for when they are tiny.
I have the pink Hug a Bub for Soph and I love it! Thank goodness it comes with an instructional DVD though, because it's tricky to figure out at first. Once you get used to it though it's really comfy and she seems to like it a lot. Sophie is finally big enough to be in the Baby Bjorn now, but I think I'll stick with the Hug a Bub and Jon can use the BB.
You can pick up discontinued colours on sale at Babies Galore sometimes, so I'd just keep an eye out there.

thanks very much for the reply.
whilst browsing ebay i saw the moby ones and they do look pretty much the same smile
i like the look of the Ergo as well but i thought the hug a bub just looked really cosy, especially since bub will be born in winter it just looked snuggly.
i tried a few different ones when DD was a baby like the Bubba Moe and the Baby Bjorn (which is what i ended up mostly using) but i found it still hurt my shoulders and back once she got a little bigger.

thanks for the replies smile
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