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what to write in a resination letter Lock Rss

as the title says.. i have no idea

was thinking

to whom it may concern

i such and such with to terminate my employment at such and such as of the date

yours sincerely

such and such

is that ok?

Sounds fine. If you have a contract of employment you might like to cite the clause of notice to be given? Something like, as per my contract signed (date) I am advising of my intention to leave the position (title). In accordance with the terms of the agreement my last day of service will be (date), Yours sincerely, blah blah, blah
thanks smile nah not bothered with that... they really don't give a toss what you do lol.. but thought better put it in writing smile

I would also put in about the number of weeks notice you are giving.

I wish to terminate my employment with XXXX. I hereby submit my resignation giving X weeks notice. My last day of employment shall be XX of Month, 2011.

If you want you can also put in a reason, although not necessarily required.
Past letters I have written are like this, of course giving the required notice period and date the letter. If you are posting the letter then you need to allow several extra days to ensure you are giving enough notice.

Dear ..........

I am writing to tender my resignation effective .......... (insert date).

Thank you for the opportunity of working for ................(insert company), I appreciate the experience and skills I have gained whilst here and wish you all the best for the future.

Yours sincerely

I changed 4 jobs in my life. Once I was a college professor and had to write a resignation letter because of students who didn't want to study. I could not stand that anymore. There are two types of resignation letters: professional and unprofessional.

How to diplomatically resign from your job using samples and resignation letters from essays guidelines.
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