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Us, we will be going down to the beach and having breakfast and lunch, DP will be going for a dive first thing then we will enjoy the company of great friends. Night time not too sure, either go to a friends and watch the fireworks from her house (she has the best view) or we will stay home.

What are you doing?

Also not sure if its just WA but does any other states have fireworks?
Our town puts on a big aust day breakfast at the park, bacon, eggs, sausages etc then they have a bit of an awards thing and a review of the year in town....

then nothing, will probably be acking the car to take of thursday
DH is working. We don't normally do anything anyway. So guess it is more housework for me.
We will be having some mates over with there kiddies and have a BBQ and a splash in the pool. I will be trying to get to the markets in the morning,
My sister and her boys are coming over for a swim and lunch... DH has to work so we might do a BBQ in the evening - gotta have a sausage sandwhich on Australia Day wink
I'm trying to persuade DH that we should go to the beach as we have never taken DD and there is a Secluded cove at Currumban were we could take her in Water. I really want to do before it get to cold and I go back to work.

Probably nothing.

They have a big thing at the park with free breakfast (damper and tea/cofee) and then a free lunch (sausage sizzle) and bands playing, free rides for the kids and a jumping castle. We went last year but there were so many people there and we waited in line for food only for them to run out .

They are doing some fundraising sausage sizzler at our corner shops with markets and a plant stall so I might take the kids for a walk over.

If DH was here we would usually go over to a friends place (all DH's high school mates get together every Australia Day and Boxing Day) for a BBQ, cricket and a few drinks for the day.
probably nothing here lol

Though I would love to go to the beach and let DD have a little splash
Nothing, DH is working 14 hours and DD is too little to understand. I did make lamingtons though.
Nothinig. (well, not nothing - just the usual dishes, and washing, and packing some more boxes, and feeding DS & playing & all the usual garbage)
working . ill leave one house in the morning and df is moving during the day so come back to the new place and if i wernt working the next day i would be drinking a bottle of champagne in our pool when i got home

Oh that sucks for all of you that are working or not doing anything. Maybe its just a WA thing to celebrate!! Its always big here!!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!
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