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Just wondering if your DP/DH de-fuzzs himself?

I bought DH some hair removal cream for "down there" and he happily obliged (his friend at work gave him the idea lol).

Just curious as my DH is a woolly mammoth....although he says the hair on his shoulders brings good luck...LMAO.

Thanks, Dani
DH isn't overly hairy - he has just enough hair in all the right places (except his crack <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> - gross!! LMAO)

But he doesn't like his shoulder hair so asked me to wax it the other week... and he wanted his belly gruff removed too.

Oh I had sooooo much fun! It was so satisfying ripping off those strips and seeing him jump around in agony.
Now he might understand better why I very rarely wax my bits! lol laugh

My man isn't super hairy, just the right amount on his chest and a little trail down the belly to lead the way!

He doesn't remove everything down there but does like a trim, short back and sides! LOL!

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DF hardly has any hair wink

He does however get a few hairs on his back but i usually put him through the pain of me plucking them out with tweazers LMAO smile

He does however use the Nair for men hair removal cream for his legs (he has to shave/wax his legs as he plays gridiron and straps up his legs/ankles and knees)
aha yeah same here..DF isn't very hairy..maybe a few tweaking up on his shoudlers but thats about it...his eyebrows..never seem to grow they are always perfect!..I hate him for that

ANd he refuses to de fuzz down there as it itches too much..such a whinger. I don't know about you ladies but I don't fancy flossing my teeth with pubes.
My DF is hairy!!!! It drives me insane but he wont let me do anything about it!! He keeps down there tidy...if i harp him about!! I usually start harping at him when he starts harping at me to tidy up.......

I would love to was his hariness! But ill just let him be.......

a few months back my hubby had a vactomy and they told him he had to shave lol.... he was too scared and he went and brought veet at the super market and put it on .... he had to do it twice because its so hairy....

and the funny thing about it was it took every bit of hair off everywhere down there and when he got to the doctors they said "WOW you only had to shave the sites for the cuts" lol i still having a giggle but since then he has been doing it quite often.....
My man isn't so hairy - but he's pretty open to trying things so has gotten rid of it all for me sometimes. I like it... smile

He lets me wax his chest too - but havn't quite convinced him that I could also use wax down there! lol

Ok for those men who use veet (or something simmilar) do they find it burns at all? My DF is wanting to try it for ahem down there but i tried it on my legs and even the sensitive stuff burnt sad So i am a bit reluctant to let him use it as i don't want him to burn.
My DP has THE hairyest chest but for some odd reason I find it really sexy. lol smile
he has de haired down there a few times but I gotta admit it doesnt really do it for me when hes totally hair free, I prefer just trimmed if hes going to do it.
But its the opposite for me, you'd be lucky to find hair on my anywhere but my head tongue haha.
Heehee My DP has a really hairy chest, stomach and back! LOL i dont really mind it but i find it funny coz under his arms he has nothing! Same with his crack LMAO
I keep trying to convince him to wax it (just to try) but hes too scared smile He does however shave down there. He likes it trimmed as he thinks it makes 'him' look bigger.... LMAO
I like my DH just the way he is, he is hairy but not too hairy especially down there.

Me on the other hand...I have an afro
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