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Pregnancy and ITP Rss

Hi I was just wondering if anyone out there has had children whilst living with ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. I recently have been dignosed with it and the doctors aren't to sure how it come about or if its permenant or not so I was wondering if anyone out there has it and what is invovled during a pregnancy.

I found out before i had children that i have ITP. When i got pregnant it meant the ob had to keep a eye on my platelet levels. Had no problems with them until near the birth. When i went into labour they took a blood test and checked my levels. They came back low so they took some more further into my labour and they were around the 100 mark (came up slightly). This meant that i could have a epidural as this was the cut off due to the risk of bleeding to much.(If they hadnt come up it meant if there was any problems i would have to be knocked out) After giving birth i had some blood vessels stitched up to reduce the amount of bleeding. Have gone on to have another two children and have had no problems (even with having low levels but not as low as my first pregnancy). Hope this helps or settles any worriers but i'm sure your doctor will fill you in better then me.
All the best
Hi there,

I have had ITP for about 14 years now. I was diagnosed with it when i was 14 going on 15. I was put on steroids for 8 months, to try and build my platelet level up, as it was dangerously low (to the point of me being on complete bed rest in hospital for 2 weeks).

Steroids are the best and most common way of "treating" ITP, but it can come back.

Steroids unfortunately didnt do anything in my situation as mine was quite severe, so when i was nearly 16 i had my spleen removed (which is another common procedure to have done when medication doesnt work for ITP)

Since having my spleen out my platelet level has been quite high, so i was able to go through pregnancy quite easily. WHen i was in labour, i was monitored VERY closely to make sure i didnt have any unexpected bleeding etc. I ended up getting an infection in labour due to me not having a spleen which makes me more prone to illnesses, but besides that, i had no bleeding or anything like that.

If your doctors are concerned at all about your levels, they will deal with it. It isnt a very common blood disorder but the good thing is, it is manageable.

You will be fine with the right care smile Good luck, and if you need to know anything else, just ask smile
Hi there,
I'm an American with pretty severe chronic ITP, and I have a 16-month-old son. Just wanted to let you know my experience in case it helps--while pregnant I received Winrho injections every two weeks for the first 4 months, but they weren't keeping my platelets up sufficiently (i.e. when I was about 14 weeks pregnant my platelets were at 10k 2 weeks after treatment). So from 20 weeks pregnant the doctors had me receiving IVIG every week--I would go to the hospital every Saturday and receive a six-hour infusion. It was a drag but it kept my platelets at about 40k, which the doctors felt was safe. I had my son without any pain drugs (just pitocin to speed up labor) since I did not have enough platelets for an epidural. It was not fun but I survived and my son is doing great, no signs of ITP (they did have him in the special care nursery and were checking his platelets in the first 48 hours, but he never had any problems). Now I receive NPlate injections every two weeks, and am speaking to doctors about having a second child--they say it is fine, maybe even while using NPlate though it is a new drug with no research on the effects of its use on the fetus. Hope this helps--if you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Hi ladies,
Just wondering if anyone else with itp during pregnancy experienced nose bleeds? I'm 12 weeks & have 2 in the last week.
I know its been months since you posted this but thought I'd reply anyway

I was diagnosed with ITP after a blood test to see if we were pregnant since we were trying.. It was caught at a count of 23k, and I was put on 100mg of prednisolone which was dropped to 50mg as I responded nice and quick. Since we were trying, I was assured that this was a category A drug which means was safe to conceive and be pregnant on (and breastfeed on). Just as well, we fell pregnant about two weeks later!
Throughout the pregnancy with my son we were monitoring my plts and trying to wean off of the pred, but if the pred went down, so did my plt count. My haema really wanted to get the pred down to as low a dose as possible, so I had a couple of rounds of IVIg, one at 16w, another about 29w (i think there was another in there too).. Unfortunately at 18w I developed a DVT in my leg, so that sapped my plts and caused complications for haema to ensure the fine line between keeping the clot from progressing while maintaining healthy plt counts wasn't crossed..
The only other complication with the pregnancy is that I developed insulin resistance from the prednisolone, so had gestational diabetes in the last trimester.

Crazily I'm pregnant again, same issues but started at a lower plt count as the pregnancy caught us by surprise; we were trying to combat the low plts before going on clot preventative injections, unluckily I got a very substantial DVT from groin to top of belly and behind my knee. This time we expect to have IVIg monthly to keep on top as the plts dont seem to be responding to the pred.

My son had a low plt count when he was born, was kept in neonatal for 6days until it stabilised (by itself), he has no signs of low plts now (is 9m), paediatrician is happy with how he is so no need for follow ups for him.

Complications can arise in any pregnancy, you will feel like a pin cushion but it is strangely reassuring to know what your count is, and your haema and obs docs should all work together to keep an eye on you and your baby.
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