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Have a look at this!! Lock Rss

Have a look at this video.

This poor boy! I just wanna smack down his mother and give him a huge cuddle and take him home!


Crazy mum!
Someone already posted the same video this morning lol

It's horrible isn't it?! Poor little thing! sad sad

OMG that made me tear up.

That's torture!!

Poor little boy sad
Is that B!tch for real, that has just made me so angry and upset, i want to smack that b1tch out.. ggrrrrr.. poor lil bugger i want to give him the biggest hug ever. She is a monster.
That is Child abuse if you ask me.
I only got up to the part where she put hot sauce in his mouth it was too upsetting to watch grrrrrrrrr.
I saw it in the other thread and I couldn't watch it all. It's just so sad and horrible sad
I saw this on the news yesterday! She is a monster!

You'll be happy to know that she is being charged with child abuse, I'm pretty sure I read that on the news site.
That woman is such a b****!!! angry

Poor lil man , wana cuddle him too! sad
I had tears in my eyes as I watched this.
How is hot sauce supposed to teach him a lesson???
This woman is nuts! Horrible!

This b*tch needs hot sauce poured down her mouth and chucked in a cold shower!!!

Fricken cow i hope she gets abused from the public!

it was on the news, she was on Dr Phil. She has been charged with child abuse! hope he gets put into a much better home!
From the ABC news website -

Jessica Beagley, a 36-year-old mother of six, was charged with misdemeanor child abuse in an Anchorage, Alaska courtroom today. She was not present at the arraignment. Her attorneys entered a plea of not guilty.

A police investigation began after Beagley appeared with "Dr. Phil" McGraw in November of last year, according to court documents. The segment of the show was called "Mommy Confessions."

Beagley told Dr. Phil about her difficulty disciplining her 7-year-old son. Video showed her at home in Alaska with the boy.

"We've tried a lot of different things to punish the kids," she said on the show.

The mom admits to spanking her child and forcing him to do jumping jacks until he's exhausted. During the show, the boy is being punished for getting "three cards pulled," three infractions at school.

On camera, Beagley is seen pouring hot sauce down the boy's throat as punishment for lying. Beagley, leaning over the boy as he sits on the bathroom counter, says, "don't spit it."

The boy can be heard screaming when Beagley forces him to take a cold shower.

"When [he] gets a cold shower, I am at the end of my rope," Beagley said on the show. "Nothing's gotten the results that I want."

She told Dr. Phil her son is "the biggest stress in my life."

Viewers flooded the Anchorage Police Department with calls after the show aired, police said. The Anchorage Municipal Prosecutor said in court documents that the behavior in the video violates the municipal code protecting against child abuse.

Anchorage Municipal Prosecutor Cynthia Franklin said that the discipline of the boy was "not reasonable," according to court records.

"The stun - the shock - the acute anxiety can also lead to long term type of Post traumatic stress disorder that we often see in criminals who are incarcerated," said Henry Paul, a psychiatrist at Mount Sinai.

"They're good people caught up in a bad situation," Peter Ramgren, one of Beagley's defense attorneys, said. "Child Protective Services has done a complete investigation and found no evidence of abuse of the other children…if they believed it was a dangerous situation they would have removed the children."

"Nothing Jessica has done is criminal. If you give your child food that has hot sauce on it - maybe they eat Mexican food - does that mean its child abuse," said Bill Ingaldson, another lawyer for Beagley.

Beagley's husband is a patrol officer for the Anchorage Police Department. The family is active in the Mormon church. The couple has four biological children and adopted twins from Russia.

The boy seen on the show is still in his parents' custody.
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