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Why am i so Lock Rss

At 4:30 we going to have our 20 week scan and i am so nervous about it.
Like i can stand wondering what going on in there and what the sex of the baby is.

So who ever like to guess and when i come back on i will say what we having.

I will guess boy grin

Good luck with your scan, I hope your bubby is healthy and growing nicely inside of you!!
Ohhhh good luck hun!!!! I am going to guess........ BOY!!!!!!!!
Girl and your family will be complete. smile
i'm going to guess girl grin

good luck xxoo
Hmmm my initial thought was boy but I'm going to say girl smile
my initial thought was boy too. smile

good luck with your scan! I'm so jealous; I want mine NOW! haha
Good luck im thinking girl
i had my 20w scan yesterday and i am having a boy smile
so i will say girl for you!
I'm going to say GIRL smile good luck !

Girl and your family will be complete. smile

OMG i can't stand people saying that.

I am guessing you are having another boy
I'll say girl smile Good Luck!!!
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