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As if i dont feel sick enough.... Lock Rss

Im so crook atm with a tummy bug my youngest child has had. Im suppose to be going away tomorrow with my DF for a night alone, something we never do. So im already upset im sick and may not even enjoy being away.

I just rang my Mum;s to see if she had some meds to stop me from being sick. My 15 year old sister answers. Says to me " Guess what i just watched?" i say what.... She says " your birth video "
I said, ohhh and who else?? She always has friends over so i knew she would have showed it around.

She replyed " L***." ( her Boyfriend of a whole 15 years old!!!

I just about through up on myself. I blurted out OMG why?? and she said " to show him what his in for " I hung up and just burst into tears!

My 15 year old sister showed her 15 year old BF and probably alot of other people my very very personal birth video that i cant even bring myself to watch!

Im absolutely shattered and upset. I could actually kill her!!!

I have big babies all naturally and its not a pretty site! Yes its natural but thats MY body! MY baby! I feel sick! I didnt think i could feel any sicker!

Its something she can never make right, its done now. Im horrified!

She was at the birth, she should have felt privileged i let her be in on the experience so its not like she was curious! She was there!!!

I dont know how i will get over this...
oh no what did your mum say about it? sorry but if she watched it why would she think its ok to show her boyfriend then laugh about it....

I am thinking revenge of some kind....
I'd be making sure there are no copies at her house at all.
It is you private vid, if you want to show it you will.
Sorry your hurt but I think you need to tell her how it is and make sure it wont happen again.
GBH!!! Its not something i would want the rest of my family letalone there friends/boyfriend to watch. I think you have a right to be angry.
Wow ild be furrious aswell!

im sorry but why does she have a copy of your birth at her place? taht to me is just asking for trouble, and what did your mum have to say?
How come she had the tape?? I would never forgive her for that. I'd probably give her a good kick up the ar$e & give her the silent treatment!!!
I'm sorry, but what a bitch. That's really nasty to do something like that. Birthing videos are very personal. sad

I'm really sorry that happened to you. *big hugs*
man that is just so odd and weird. why on earth would she want to watch it in the first place?
Thanks for the replys.

My mum was also in the delivery room and was taking photos then decided to tape on her camera while i was giving birth. So its the full on pushing him out stage!!

Im ok with her doing that but have only watched it once. Its so hard for me to watch LOL... Very raw and god so not pretty.

Its on her camera and to my knowledge had been removed and put into a safe folder..... Which i was happy with.

Seems as though my sister just has no brains at all!!!

I have had a few words with her this evening... Mum is still not home from work. So doesnt know yet. Although she cant really do anything now can she. Whats done is done..

Had a nice cry to DF... I know it may seem like WOW its just a video. But god i feel so upset about it! Its such an invasion of privacy and i thought more of her to not ever show anybody! I was never worried about the video being there. At all. until now.

Thanks though for understanding
Awwwyou poor thing!!! what a immature little sister you have!!!

I would find the most ugly photo/photo's of her and post them on facebook and tag her in them!! thats just me tho....i would want revenge!!!

OMG you poor woman...
I would rip my sister a new one if she ever did that.
Clearly her brain just isn't developed enough to take in what she has done to you. Showing her boyfriend your business end while you are pushing a baby out, no idea what was in her head when she decided to do it.
I would make her sit down and tell you why she did it. At 15 she should know what she did was just wrong.
If need be, talk to her like a child. Tell her what she did was wrong, and if she is going to make decisions like a child then you will continue to treat her like one. She must learn that her actions have reactions and consequences. Ask her how she would feel if you showed footage of her to complete strangers and see how she would feel after that.

hopefully its not posted on you tube

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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