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Side affects for the cooper IUD and Implanon Lock Rss


Couldn't find an area to ask this type of question so will just put it in General smile

Bubs is now 7weeks so we are looking at contraception. My GP has suggested the Implanon and has given me the prescription to take it back to get it inserted. But I have since google searched it and it's side affects and i'm a little scared to get it now :S I then googled other contracepives and found the cooper IUD, which said doesn't cause weight gain (which is the main thing i'm worried about) and doesn't pump hormones into you body.

So my question is what has your experiences been with the Implanon and/ or the cooper IUD?

I was on the Depo injection and gained 20kgs when I was 16, so i'm VERY worried about weight gain.

TIA smile

I had a copper IUD.... 12 mths ago I would have said YES I love it.... now, I wil never ever have another one put in.....

After I got it put in I started getting vaginal thrush constantly, was told it was NOT from the IUD and put up with it.... had had it in for 2.5 years when I was sent to hospital with severe stomach pains..... I had a severe uterine infection and was on antibiotics for amonth..... got the IUD removed and the thrush instantly stopped.... was told they are a carrier for bacteria to get inside you as you have the strings hanging out of you

I then started trying for another baby, found out I was pregnant on the 19/12/2010 and was in hospital having bub removed Xmas eve as it was ectopic, I was told that even though the IUD was out the aim of the copper is to aggravate the uterus so the baby cannot implant, for SOME people the effects can hang around until well after it is removed.... we are hoping that the effects will be cleared now hat I have had a laparoscopy and curette....

Honestly I loved it to start with, but will not be recommending it again after my experiences with it...

I have a friend with the implanon in and no weight gain reported from her
I had the implanon and I had all the bad side effects! Weight gain (10 kilos in 3 months), major mood swings, bad headaches, just everything that could go wrong did! I had it removed after 3 months as the mood swings were affecting my relationships and I was a total crazy biarch <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> It wouldnt be like that for everyone but that was my experience of it.
I remember the few times my SIL had the implanon- i knew when she had it because she was a total feral! SHe had the worst mood swings ever. the first time she had it was in her teens, then had it taken out, then again about 3 years ago when she started dating a new guy.
It totally effected her moods thats for sure, which may be coincidental but she was really nasty the two times she had the implant.

umm yeah I had the implanon and I did put on a fair bit of weight, also got shocking acne and mood swings <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' />

I ended up having to take it out though as my body was rejecting it.
Oh wow! Thankgod I asked, theres no way i'm getting the Implanon now lol!!

I think it's either the cooper IUD or just stick with condoms, cause I can't have the pill or depo. We are well and truely done having kids smile I wish they would let me have my tubes tied! But I don't have a sh*t show of that happening do I? lol

Thanks for your replies ladies smile

Just curious about how old you are? I'm 29 and my dr has told me that I can have my tubes done if I want, apparently they don't "like" doing it before 30 but they take into consideration how many kids you already have, your emotional state and your reasoning for wanting it done. My dr did say that we'd be better of if DH had the snip instead as its less invasive and painful for him then it would be for me.

Also my brother was a Copper IUD baby, the Dr's were concerned that he had formed around the IUD but Mum had her tubes tied just after he was born (she's epileptic so got around the age restriction because of that) they found it floating around in her stomach cavity apparently it had travelled up her tubes and out. He's 24 now so it was quite awhile ago and I'm sure they've changed a bit since then but I personally don't trust them at all.


I would go back and reread Zoo Keepers post about her experience with the iud. Sounds awful and is enough for me to say "Hell no! Never having one of those put in."

If you are done having kids and they won't tie your tubes, have you asked by the way? Then maybe your partner should consider going and getting the snip.

I would go back and reread Zoo Keepers post about her experience with the iud. Sounds awful and is enough for me to say "Hell no! Never having one of those put in."

If you are done having kids and they won't tie your tubes, have you asked by the way? Then maybe your partner should consider going and getting the snip.

I wondered if that bit had been read tongue honestly the decision is yours I only had one dr agree to the iud every other dr I told I had it wad horrified my gp begged me to let him take it during a routine pap smear due to them not being recommended anymore due to the reasons I mentioned above, I think at 7 wks is a bit early to say no more kids...... I saidthst after my last one but lo and behold we are trying again though having the iud I put my fertility at seroius risk instead it's not something I would take lightly the infection was sheer agony and not something I would like again, you only seem worried about weight gain not the health risks

I asked my friend yesterday about the imposing, she has no mood swings and no weight gain just slightly irregular periods at the moment but mainly only spotting
I had the implanon in for just short of 12mths, and I bled for almost every day of those 12mths. I had usually a day or half a day off a month. I even got HRT patches to try and balance it but it didnt work. A friend had the same problem but was smart enough to get it taken out quicker! Another friend was a complete and utter nasty bitch! It's not good, it was going to be taken off the market back in the early 2000s but obviously didnt happen!

Haven't had an IUD, I am too much of a sook to try that.

I have tried many many pills, and had small weight gain, but fallen pregnant on almost all of the ones I've tried.
I had the Implanon, and while I gained between 30-40kg, I loved it, It was easy, effective - we didn't have a pregnancy while on it, and fell pregnant 6 weeks after having it removed. Had no AF for 18 months with it, then just a light monthly period. If I didn't have the weight gain with it, I would have had it again.
I was talking to a family Planning Dr, who said the the Implanon seems to be more effective with less side effects in women over 30yrs. I was Over 30 when I had it, and had the weight gain - not the mood swings though.

I have been advised against having more babies, and now have permanent contraception in place.
DH has had a vasectomy, which was easy, quick and relatively painless, and I have the Adiana - which is a hormone free silicone implants placed into the fallopian tubes. Scar tissue forms around the implant, and blocks the tubes. The egg is still released by the ovary, but cant travel down the tubes to be met by sperm. The Eggs are reabsorbed by the body. It IS permanent though, and it CANNOT be reversed. It is less invasive than having Tubal ligation. There are no incisions, no major surgery, and you are back to normal activities within 24 hours of having it done.
The Essure is very similar to the Adiana - although Essure uses stainless steel implants, not silicone. Essure is also permanent.

Are you after permanent measures or are you keeping your options open for future babies?

Apart from Contraceptive Pills, Copper IUD, Depo injection and Implanon
there are other choices available such as Male condom, Female condom, Diaphragm, Nuva Ring(has hormone, self insertion), Mirena (has hormone)

I recommend speaking to a family planning counsellor or a Family Planning Doctor or OB/GYN to see what method of contraception best suits you and your partner.

Good Luck smile
Sorry yes I did read it but only very quickly as I have very little time anymore to come on here smile Looks like I miss read it in my rush to get back to the kids. That sounds horrible! I've never heard of that happening before and a few women in my family have had it. You poor thing!

Everything that I have tried that uses hormones my body has rejected, this is the reason I don't want to risk the Implanon. Both the Depo and pill (they tried me on a few different types) made my body do funny things.

Robin S. I'm 21 in August, I have Endo, PCS and Epilepsy aswell. I haven't asked because I was always told not to bother because they wont even look at it before 30.

Zoo*keeper. We are definantly done having kids smile very very done having kids lol.

Ricki~tribe~of~5. We are looking for something permanent, My partner was going to get a vasectomy but googled it and scared himself with what he found. I got the *No ones going near my balls with no knife* lol. I am having to go back to get more Endo removed so I will ask the Gyno once I can get in through the hospital smile

Thanks again for your help Ladies smile

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