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Side affects for the cooper IUD and Implanon Lock Rss

Hmmmmm yeah I would guess at 21 it might be difficult to get the Dr to agree but then as you have other health problems it might be worth looking into anyway and at least asking. Let's face it, you can always ask, the worst they can do is say no tongue

As for your DP, tell him to suck it up Princess lol it's not going to be anyworse than you having to give birth. tongue

Actually lots of women here have husbands/partners who have had the snip and from all they have said it's relatively painless and really not that bad. Maybe start a thread asking for experiences of vasectomy from the guys perspective and get your partner to read it and it might help change his mind. I also can't use anything with hormones so I feel your pain and once we decide, yep we are definitely done then DH will be sent off for the snip. If I can handle having a baby pulled out for the sunroof and taking one for the team there, it's his turn when it comes to permenant contraception.

I had the implanon in for about 5 months and i got so sick from it. I had AF so much that i would only have a few days break from it. I also had vomiting.
I got the doctor to take it out and i said i never put that time of thing back in my body.

Ricki~tribe~of~5. We are looking for something permanent, My partner was going to get a vasectomy but googled it and scared himself with what he found. I got the *No ones going near my balls with no knife* lol. I am having to go back to get more Endo removed so I will ask the Gyno once I can get in through the hospital smile

Thanks again for your help Ladies smile

You may be able to convince them that you want permanent contraception due to illness, they may frown on it due to your age though.

With the Essure, and Adiana it is irreversible - the fallopian tubes will be destroyed if they are removed - the only option for further children is IVF. With tubal ligation, there is possibility to have it reversed - the chances arent the best though.

Tell your partner to suck it up! laugh
Its not as bad as what you find on google, DH is a HUGE sook, and he was terrified having it done (put it off twice), but went and finally had it done, and found it hurt less than dental treatment. He has had moles removed before from his arms and back, and the mole removal was much more painful than the vasectomy.
the thing with implanon is you can have it taken out by the GP at any time if you are having bad side effects. I have had three now (between babies) and have had no trouble. A few pimples is the extent. With the first one and current one I had no bleeding at all and with the second implant only light bleeding.
Talk to the doctor and get his/her advice but as I said if you try it and don't like it the worst you have is two small spots scars on the inside of your arm.
Very true Pugbrat smile I'm definantly going to ask the Gyno when I can get in. I don't mind if they frown upon it at the end of the day it's our choice and we have come to the decision together not to have anymore children smile After DS I knew I wanted another baby, no one was going to stop me lol But after DD I just felt so complete.

Lmao!! I did this afternoon, didn't get the greatest response bahaha. I atleast got him to agree to think about it if all the Dr's said no to tieing my tubes. Small steps lol. Pugbrat, I don't think it's the hurting he cares about, it's the fact theres someone with a knife near his balls.His Dads had it done and told him theres nothing to it but yeah smile

Thankyou so much for your info Ricki! has given me alot to think over before I see a Gyno, I didn't know about these other procedures.

I definanly think the bad stories out weight the good with the Implanon, and knowing my body and how it reacts I don't think it's worth it.

Hi there,

Have you considered the Mirena IUD? I have had it for about 18mths now & love it.

Ive had the implanon and hated it and the pill messed with me in more ways than one!

Good luck smile

Hey Izaak*and*Kyans*Mum

I also looked into this and found that it's hormone based aswell.

It seems the pill does horrid stuff to most people!

Thanks smile

Hey there, wanted to add first that my last post I was meant to say I asked my friend about the IMPLANON, not the imposing,..... damn iPhone autocorrect tongue....

And I apologise if I came across as a bit rude, having a bad time at the moment, and I am a 'never say never' kind of person, so personally for ME I can't see how I could say at 7wks thats enough, as I did it with our last one, and through tragedy we have decided to keep having children, though I am now terrified I have runined my chances because of the copper IUD..... so I should not have been rude, I really didnt mean to and it was my own experiences that I was getting at.... though I still wouldn't recommend it as 2.5 years of thrush is HELL!!!!
Hi i read your reply saying you were DONE having kids.

I to am very much done and also can not use any form of contraception due to sever reactions. Im 23. My DF will be 30 this year and he had a vascetomy last week.

Its not that expensive when you think about the 'other' outcome if you didnt have it done lol... He is very happy with it all and its just shy of a week he had it done.

Could be an option if you were considering getting your tubes tied.
Well well i think i will stick with the Pill and/or comdoms. I was going to get the Implanon inserted but maybe i wont now! Im currently on the Depo jab but man its makes my fat! Well makes my appetite increase hard out! I wake up at 3am STARVING HUNGRY!! WTF?? Going off this now!
~Zoo*Keeper~. I didn't think you were being rude, I just took it as an honest opinion and a genuine question smile I've already had the infertility tragedy, back when I was told I had Endo and PSC, my Gyno told me I had only a very small chance of conceiving and that was with help from fertility drugs. Here I am 4 years later with two beautiful children, so don't listen to Dr's Hun the don't know crap haha. I talked to my step mum last night about the cooper IUD and she told me she fell pregnant on it and it was eptopic. And I so don't want 2.5years of thrush Fark that lol.

Mummabears. lol very true, how much did the vasectomy cost you? If heard it's not that bad, my parters just a sook haha.

Supaexcited. They all sound so bad aye, to me it's not worth the risk. I hear you when I was on Depo I ballooned over night, and never really got my body back.

Mummabears. lol very true, how much did the vasectomy cost you? If heard it's not that bad, my parters just a sook haha.

LOL Out of curiosity. What does he think is going to happen?? Is he worried that they will sneeze or slip and lob a nut off or something? The Drs who do this procedure probably do litereally hundreds a week. They are a little more professional and experienced than that <span class="emoticon tongue">tongue</span>

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