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Doggy Dilemma Lock Rss

Our 6 yr old labrador is a handful. We had two labbys, but had to separate them as they kept running away together and they wouldn't come back, so the other one now lives with my parents. This worked well.. they both seemed to calm down, and we have been able to let our dog wander around the place without locking her up - she still wanders but comes back after a couple hours or less.

So we thought this was ok... we are living rural on a large piece of land, and all the neighborhood dogs are not locked up, and no one has had problems with dogs wandering.

However the last few weeks we have again had problems with our dog not returning, I have had one berating from one neighbor who says she specifically goes to their house every day to poo in the same spot... and then a phone call from another neighbour who says she spends hours and hours at their house. Went to talk to her and the stupid woman had been FEEDING her and letting her kids play with her for hours on end.

So... I told her to stop feeding her, and to growl at her and say go home.

I've had to put her inside for a few days as she is the worlds best escape dog... no matter how good the yard is, how high the fence or whatever measures you put in place to keep her in she WILL escape. This is why we were really pleased to not have to lock her up, as she was mostly staying home. She will actually hurt herself in order to escape.

The problem is... I'm not sure what to do about this! How do you stop a dog pooing on someones lawn??? And we have been through hell TRYING to lock her up, and it makes her desperate to get out, she is unhappy and no amount of attention helps if we lock her up. She has found a way out of EVERYTHING we have tried, she breaks runs, collars, anything we use if we tie her up, she always finds a way out of yards when we have tried that. Locking her up makes her extremely agitated and unhappy.

The other point that needs mentioning is that she was abused for two years.. so in our house we never ever smack her or raise our voices at her. When she has done wrong I will say 'bad dog' and let her know I'm unhappy. Even at that she cowers from me. I would have thought after all the time she's spent with us she would be getting over those fears, but obviously it's going to be something that stays with her for life. I also cant sweep the floor anywhere near her... she is petrified of the broomstick so obviously she was beaten with something similar...
The amount of distress she shows when she is locked up, I also wonder whether locking her up brings back fears of being abused.

I'm just at a loss with what to do with her! Many times we have got to the point where we wonder if we should re-home her... but I know for a fact that no one else would look after her as well as we do, and she is also expensive as she has special dietry and medical needs. Rehoming her is not an option, and the only other option I've been thinking over today is Euthanising.... it's horrible and extreme but I just keep thinking how unhappy she seems ALL the time, yet she has all the love and attention that she can have! She seems so traumatised that she is going to live out the rest of her days in fear and unhappiness, and I don't know if we are being cruel by continually thinking we are doing the right thing by keeping her and trying our best!

So sorry about the length... I would really like advice with what to do with her... I'd say she is also upset that we went away for a week. She stayed at my parents so would have loved being with our other lab.. but putting them back together isn't really an option either because they get up to so much trouble together.

I am so sorry but she NEEDS to be locked up, no doubt about it, she needs a secure yard she can't get out of or a run, I am sorry but other peoples animals on my place is my pet hate!!! And really they have every right to call your local council if she keeps doing it....

How big is your place? My SIL uses a shock collar, not as awful as it sounds, her dog has only had 1 or 2 zaps, he knows that as soon as it vibrates he needs to stop and now he wears the collar but its not turned on
have you thought about installing an electric fence to stop her going past it.. you wouldn't have to do the whole property just where you wanted her to stay

You say your living in rural? How big is your property and what type of fencing do you have?

You may have to resort to obediance training as it is against the law to let your dogs roam out of your property.

Well i would suggest an electric fence if nothing else is working. I understand the not wanting to rehome her but really if she is so unhappy maybe it is something you really need to consider. I had to do it to my lab, and it broke my heart (She was also mistreated when i got her) but she is loving her new life now!
We tried an electric fence... I thought after one zap she wouldn't want to do it again - but she put up with being zapped continuously over and over just to escape. we tried it for a couple of weeks, and she got to the point where 5 mins after we put her back in, she would be out again, and would yelp everytime she got zapped.

It would be cruel to keep trying that one.... and the zappy collars would be absolutely no different.

We are on 3 acres.

I tried to put her on our decking, which is two meters off the ground, and the railing is 1.2 meters high. She managed to jump out of there, and she hurt her leg in the process. We thought that after hurting herself she wouldn't do it again, but even with a sore leg she did it again.

We tried a fenced yard, we buried chicked wire around the bottom so she couldn't dig out, and seeing as she couldn't jump out she threw herself at the fencing and chewed at the bent bits until she made her gums bleed.

It worries me that she is willing to physically hurt herself to escape and I can't let her hurt herself like that...

It is cruel and in some states illegal to use shock collars on animals. You can be charged by the RSPCA. The electric fence may work but she will probably learn how to beat it.
If all the neighbours let their dogs roam you could address the poo issue by offering to pick it up yourself. If your other neighbour stops feeding her you will have a better chance of her returning home.
Any chance you could swap dogs with your parents for a while?
Hope it works out for you.
If she is going to that extent to try and escape then you might have to look at taking her to a animal behaviouralist. even tho she was abused previously this isnt normal behaviour.

And i pray dont rehome her as pets are for life, just as children are.

If your poor doggy has been abused I can not agree with the last responders. It is cruel and in some states illegal to use shock collars on animals.
If all the neighbours let the gods roam you could address the poo issue by offering to pick it up yourself. If your other neighbour stops feeding her you will have a better chance of her returning.

This is also my opinion... I just thought there might be something I havn't tried yet that might help with her - I will offer to pick up the poo though. Ta - would be better if she didn't go there and poo in the first place though! The house that she poos at is on the way to the house that she has been hanging around, so I'm guessing that's why she chose there to poo.

The neighbor that complained about her hanging around and then told us she's been fed there pretty much put her hands up and said that it's not her problem, it's her kids that play with her and feed her so obviously she didn't want to try and help the situation at all. I KNOW it's our responsibility but it frustrates me no end that she is adding to the reason for her going there in the first place.

marmy... she wont be rehomed ever. I know we care for her better than any other family would and accept that it's our responsibility. The fact that we even considered it at all shows how we have run out of things to try.

Having her inside seems to suit her, she loves it inside being with us... I suppose I might have to put up with it but the amount of hair she sheds I find it grossly unhygenic.... and of course - the first thing dd did this morning was let her outside...

I dont think picking up the poop is the answer, she is still going to wander, maybe try talking to the vet about it???

I know with ours, if we let both out at the same time they wander, if we let one out of the pen at a time the other stays close by.... so thats how we got around it with two...

Sorry if I sound rude but we have had the neighbours dogs wandering over here constantly then they complain when our dog impregnates their's... twice! Then they crack it if I growl or throw things at the dogs when they are trying to get in to kill our chooks... so thats why it really is one of my pet hates!!!!
Have you spoken to your vet? Maybe hormone treatment to calm her down. Is she spayed? Or are these cat treatments Im thinking of lol

Hope you find a solution. Im a dog hater but I can see how much you love this dog and want to right the wrongs of her past. Good luck
craigmed - The reason we gave the other dog to my parents is that he is the dog without issues. We had him since he was a pup, he was our first lab and all was well and dandy when it was just him! But together the two dogs were a nightmare....

I don't feel that we'd be doing the right thing if we swapped dogs and gave them this one. We were the ones that took responsibility for her, and if would just be palming off her problems onto them, which they wouldn't appreciate!

I'm not sure what we would have done if my parents didn't take the other one.. I wasn't willing to give him up and never see him again - this way we still see him all the time and allow the dogs to see each other.

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