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Price of bananas Lock Rss

The only thing my son would eat without a doubt is bananas, he has dinner at 6, then about 2-3 bananas before bedtime. They keep him full until morning.
A few weeks ago they were $11/per kilo and as green as anything, so I didn't buy any. That night he asked me for some and I felt bad, so the next day I bought some and had to wait a few days for them to ripen. Since then I have spent about $60 on just bananas, aroung $30 a week!! About 6-7 bananas make up 1kg, and he eats that in 2-3 days! Plus I have to get them a week in advance because they are so green. I won't take this away from him because they are healthy and he loves them smile

Anyone else effected by this? Can't wait till the poor farmers grow their trees again. And I wonder if soon we won't have any supply because 90% of Australias banana crops were damaged.

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yes, my son is the same. Loves his bananas. He is a very fussy eater, but will always eat a banana. Which is great because they are so good for him. At the moment they are $11 a kilo here too and green as anything. That was the price last Monday when i brought some, i wouldn't be suprised if they have gone up even more since. Safeway don't seem to sell them anymore around here, but a few fruit and veg shops do. But i will keep buying them too. Just hope supply doesn't run out.

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