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just wondering im looking into skype because dp will be going away for work for 3 weeks a month and a way for the kids to contact their dad i was thinking of installing skype but not sure if its good and there is a free version or do get the one where u pay very confused if anyone has it and would like to un confuse me please do? lol
We have recently installed Skype. It's free. I think there's a thing where you can pay for phone calls maybe? But video call is def free.

do u need anything special besides a webcam and is it a difficult process to install

We use skype all the time, love it! The program itself is free but just beware that it does use a fair bit of net. We were going through roughly 11gb a month but that was with using it nearly every day smile

Hook yourself up with a good net plan and you'll be fine

Hope that helps smile

If your computer doesn't have a microphone you will need one of thse also smile

ok thanks ladies off to install now wish me luck
Hope you managed to download it ok - its a great thing to have. Most of our family & friends live overseas & interstate & we've used it for years. You can video call or just audio call (of course still need the microphone for both & there is a test function to make sure everythings working once its installed).

Calls to any other skype account are free!!!! And calls from your skype to any national, international and mobile numbers are at massively reduced rates. I tend to only use it for free calls though. And you can also message each other using text. If you plan to use it for calling anything other than other skype users then you'll have to credit your account with some $'s.

Sometimes the connection is better than others, I've found if its a crappy one then hang up & try again, often works.

Good luck
Have used Skype for years and it is a great programs love it.
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