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what evryone looks for on ebay
Totally random stuff...... if im bored... which is most of the time LOL

Baby stuff. Hair stuff. Outfits. Dresses. Shoes. . . .

baby & childrens clothing, toys, local furniture, DH looks for music ie cd's, books, dvd's, cars, sometimes beauty products & perfumes but mainly international.

Lots of different stuff really but I rarely buy anything its usually just wondering how much things go for.

Like a long time ago I looked up Boori baby furniture and was amazed at how much people pay for second hand Boori. Sadly I am so pathetic that I still check Boori daily. They dan't go for as much anymore but I could not belive it when people were selling items for more than they paid for it four years ago.(prices did go up about 40 % in two years. Until they bought out the new line!) Yes it's expensive(our original setup cost $5000)
But I would not pay that much for it second hand!

Otherwise I usually only look for things that I want/need that are no longer available to buy in the shops as they no longer print or make them.
Like a toddler seat for my emmaljunga pram. I was luck enough to find one BNIB. Things like the Women's Weekly birthday Cake Book I grew up with, they no longer print them.

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