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i was wondering if any of you ladies out there now how to go about seperating/divorcing my husband. ive done a few google serches and its just confusing me even more, i have no idea where to even start. do we have to be seperated for 12 months before we can apply for divorce or what? i have no idea.
thanks for any help

* i did put this in the relationship section but thought i would get a quicker/better response in here.*
Yes you do have to be seperated for 12 months before you can apply for divorce. Then if you both agree you can fill in the paper work and do it yourself or go to a lawyer and they will do it. It is alot cheaper to do it yourself but it depends if there is assets and stuff that need to be divided as well as children's visitation and stuff. If all this is worked out between the two of you it is alot easier to get the papers and fill them in yourself.
so how do i go about making the seperation offical?

is there paperwork for that or is it just a personal record type of thing.

i still cant believe im actually talking about this. its so sad. :'(
dont think there is paperwork for seperation it is just when you stop living as a couple. Most of the time, when one of you moves out. I am pretty sure you just need to keep records of it. If you are getting any centrelink benefits it goes from the time you tell them you are no longer a couple and fill in there paperwork
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