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Whats for dinner??? Rss

Cna you post a receipe kids love them but ive never trie to make them myself (naughty, lazy mummy!)

Oh and Ricki, I would love the pasty recipe too!!! I am not a fan of shop brought pasties at all, but am thinking home made would be yummo!

I'd love the pastie recipe too smile

Its really not that special laugh

I don't have an actual recipe - I make it up as I go along using whatever I have in the fridge.

So I'll try and remember what I normally do (today was a bit different)
Mince meat (around 500g),
couple of potatoes,
a parsnip,
a swede,
a couple of carrots,
a zucchini.
couple of cloves of garlic (optional)
Puff pastry

Peel and Grate all the vegies, add it to the meat and make sure it is mixed through properly.
I use Puff pastry, lay the meat mixture out into sausages (I make it in a sausage roll shape - the pastry goes further wink )
1 pastry sheet makes 2 long rolls (cut in half)
Cut them into the size you want and lay them on a floured tray, milk or egg wash the top, then bung it in the oven and bake at about 180 until they are golden...

Today's recipe - doing this for a first time.
Ingredients were
Continental Recipe Base for Spaghetti Bolognese,
Mince 500g
2 carrots
2 zucchini
2 small potatoes (or one large)
a parsnip
Can diced tomato
2 cloves garlic

Brown the meat,
Peel and grate the vegies, and cook them a little in with the meat
add can of tomato, put contents of recipe sachet into the empty can and fill with water & mix,
tip into meat/veg mixture and cook for 5 mins.
Wait for mix to cook enough to spoon onto the pastry and shape into sausage rolls, (just so the pastry goes further,
Cut them into the size you want and lay them on a floured tray
Milk or egg wash the top, and bung them in the oven at 170-180ish, and bake til golden brown smile

mmmm, think that is it....

Once they are cooked and cooled you can freeze them for lunches/snacks
i'm doing mexican beef salad out of the weight watchers mag. beef strips, taco seasoning, lettuce, kidney beans, cherry toms, cucumber, capsicum, salsa, sour cream and a splash of lime juice. served with mini tortillas.

DS1 likes to call them circles. hehe

leftovers for us... leftover roast chook, potatoes and gravy gettin shoved in some puff pastry... maybe some cheese and bacon ones too if there isnt enough to go round.
My fave for a lazy (an a bit unhealthy) night:

Continental pasta side (four cheese is good), add moree milk recommended and a bit of fresh grated cheese, mix through then throw in a cup or so (depending on numbers) of frozen mix veg. Wack in microwave and stir occasionally like the packet says. You can put it in the oven for a bit if you want it more dry but isn't necessary.

Voila! dinner ready.
I made a mushroom & bacon risotto tonight, my first risotto. And it's beautiful! So glad it turned out, after standing at the bloody stove for an hour I would have been devastated lol

We're having roast chicken, baked potatoes and carrots, broccoli, par-bake rolls, & home-made gravy smile can't wait!

Beef and red wine casserol for me, yum yum. I love my slow cooker sooo much.

Beef and red wine casserol for me, yum yum. I love my slow cooker sooo much.

Oh gees, forgotten about this one. Soooo goooood. Will have to get the ingredients this week.

You ladies are inspiring me again too.
I'm making a Pumpkin & Proscuitto Baked Risotto tonight, not sure why as DH is away until friday..I guess I will just eat it every meal until he gets back laugh

Beef strog.
Beef Goulash Pies!

All you mummys make the yummiest food!! I reckon we should all meet in the middle of the country and have a big cook feast!!!
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