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  5. A few ladies replied the other day with regards to my post

A few ladies replied the other day with regards to my post Lock Rss

I have some questions if anyone would like to ask their partner/relative for me.

a) How long did the staples stay in and did they take them all out at once? (My first follow up visit is 12 days from the date of surgery.

cool Did the area smell? There is some irritation because it is under my arm and I can't put deodorant on, but it is being cleaned gently everyday. But.... I have just noticed a smell, 5 days after the op has been done, it is really icky.... I am thinking I am have an infection and am hopefully seeing our gp tomorrow if I can get in

c) How long was the recovery process? I have these awful pain, sometimes awful stinging pains, sometimes it feels like the cut is being ripped open. I also have this feeling like a spider is walking up my inner arm and when it the sensation get to my arm pit is stings like crazy. It also feels like sweat is running down my arm pit and down my arm... but it is dry. I can't lift anything heavy with my left arm as the pain is near unbearable and up until a day ago I was unable to lift anything with my left arm because I could feel the strain on my right side... This has rendered me pretty much useless and unable to even change my sons nappy.....

The pain easing off little by little, but I can't help but wonder how long it will be until I am back to normal.

Thanks so much to anyone who can answer any of my questions smile

Is OVER rude people


Is OVER rude people

DH had a melanoma removed from his head.
I think my DH had the staples in for about 1 month or just over. I dont think his smelt, just looked gross. Maybe the smell is because of where it is. B.O and all that. Yours sounds very painful, what a horrid spot to have it sad
He did say there was a pulling sensation around where the stitches where. Recovery process all up was just under 3 months for him.

I hope you heal up fast!!!
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