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One more daycare/childcare question.... Lock Rss

Do you think it is possible for a nearly 2 year and 5 month old to be bored in the 2 to 3 year old room?

Jack only started when he was 2, as that is their starting age, the rooms are 2 to 3 and 3 to 5.

I will talk to the director in a month or so about this, but of recent Jack has been saying he is bored at school. He isn't bored all the time, but I wonder if it is because he is not getting involved enough or whether he is actually 'bored'.

Everyone comments on how well he talks, even the workers at the centre have. Mid December his teacher told me he is using 8 and 9 work sentences alot and that he is very easy to understand and that he comprends and follows directions very well. At that stage he had only been at the centre for 9 weeks (1 day per week).

He isn't even 2 1/2 yet and I wonder if he just isn't being challenged enough. I know that everyone thinks their children are smart, and I will admit that I do think that my children are advanced with their speech and development, but it helps to hear it from others.... lol

Maybe he has just become accustomed to playing with his nearly 4 year old sister.... maybe he isn't adapting to playing with kids more his age.

Any opinions out there.....?

Is OVER rude people

the todler room is more routine & structured where as kindys are able to do there own thing abit more, i enroled my boistrious 2yr & 7month DD on monday into toddler room and after having orientaion i spoke to directed and asked for her to go in kindy room instead as i knew she would benifit more and the director was fine with it as she is only 3months off turning 3 anyhow & is fuilly toilet trained smile i think to go to kindy room TT is a must
Our daycare has 4 rooms- 0-18months, 18 months-3, 3-4, and a kinder room (which has some 4 year olds, depending on if they are ready, and 5 year olds).

the two younger rooms share an outside area, and join up for various things, and the two older ones have a seperate outside area, and join up alot more.

DS2 was 3 in Jan, and he started orientation in the 3 year old room in September last year. They couldnt actually move him up because they had to be 3 to be signed into that room, but I would sign him in to the 2 year old room, and they would bring him across for the morning, back to the 2 year old room for a sleep, then take him back across to the 3 year old room for the afternoon.

He was quite bored in the younger room, I think alot of it was because he was used to playing with his brother, and so sort of skipped ahead of some of the other kids. He has always had a great vocabulary, and been easily understood, been ahead with couting, alphabet etc. so mixing with some of the kids who were closer to 18 months, he was getting quite bored.

Since moving up, he has thrived, even going really well in the kinder room when they do family grouping and things.

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