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Anyone made a booby cake???? Lock Rss

don't put anything on facebook please as the person whom the cake is for is on there......

I commited last night to making my 'brother' (not really my brother but close!) a booby cake for his 40th, he was being a whingy * saying he didn't want a party and I was talking to his wife and said if he doesn't stop his b itching I will make him a booby cake... wife lovved the idea.... so now I am committed to making said cake!!!

I think it should be fairly easy wouldn't it? a couple of bowls for the cakes and some nipples!!! Anyone got any pics of what they have made??
Not sure if you have Lucy (Mrs Mad Martian) on FB but I am pretty sure she has made one before so might be worth asking her.

I certainly do, about to check out her pics!!! Just after a heap of different ideas.... DH said he will help me with sizing and nipple positioning etc.....he is the booby man of this house tongue
My SIL made one for her mate's 18th and it was awesome!! Looking for the pics now....can't remember if they are on a disc or USB lol

back soon........

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

Here is one that my friend made for a friend of hers. Just to give you some idea's.

I have a few in my cake photos on fb.
I just use round pyrex dishes. smile
Good luck...

Larissa Charlotte Brayden

That looks awesome amber!!!
Sam will check out FB
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