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Instantly lonely.. Lock Rss

My sister has been staying with us for the last four weeks, helping us out with Kylara and the housework.
She's been invaluable to me. I have no idea how any first time mum could get through the first month alone.

She'd get up at 3am and help me settle Ky, she would soothe her for hours on end during the day so I could have a break. She cooked every night and made sure I ate when I should.

I thought I would miss her help when she finally left, but as soon as her car pulled out of the drive I started bawling my eyes out.
I still have my DP here, and he's super supportive so I'm far from alone.
I just feel a little bit heartbroken now she's gone. I won't see her for another three months til my brother and SIL have their bub.

Sorry for the ramble. Just needed a cry before DP gets home.

So this thread isn't pointless, what should I do or get for her as a thank-you?
Hmmmm thats a tough one, did you get any pics of her and Kylara maybe get them edited really nice, blown up, framed and send it to her?
My aunty did plaster paras baby foot and hand prints and sent them to my mum and she still has the occassional cry over them tongue
What a lovely post. I don't have a sister, but have always wanted one... luckily i get to watch that lovely sisterly bond between my children, and only hope they stay close as adults as what you just described.
Anyway, I think what the pp said, maybe a photo card or similar with a pic of you, your dd, and sister, with special words saying how much you value her, and of course some special choccies too smile !
Oh you lucky girl! Can you send me an application form so I can borrow her for a while laugh
Photos are my pick for a gift idea too. Maybe you could get her a huge frame and put a heap of photos in it surrounding one of Kylara's first outfits, with a little lock of hair in there somewhere too, or hand and footprints etc. And of course a beautiful card from you!
I know something that I always appreciate as a gift but would never get myself is a day spa voucher - basically she can then choose if she wants a massage or waxing or pedicure or whatever. You're very lucky to have had that help
I have a sister like that. We were never close growing up but since
I had DS1 we have been extremely close.

We live in different states but speak on the phone at least once a day. She is my best friend.

She makes the journey frm Canberra to Melbourne for the births of each baby and has been down for every birthday and Christmas for all of them. She even came down for DS1's first day of school this year.

She really is fantastic and I dont know what I would do without her. She isn't always the best of help when she is here - sometimes it feels like I have 4 kids instead of 3 but she is great with the kids and we always have a laugh. I always have a little cry when she leaves because I miss her like crazy.

Her DH and her have flown to the USA today for 3 weeks and I have already gone to call her a couple of times today! But instead of flying home she will be coming straight to Melbourne to spend some time with us for DD's 2nd birthday wub

So although I dont really have any advice for you, I know exactly how you feel.

Jo smile
My sis and I used to share a room growing up. She moved to Sydney at 18, so its been almost nine years since we've spent more than a day or two together.

The day Kylara was born, my sister drove 14 hours from Broken Hill to Sydney.

No application forms from me, sorry! I found her sunglasses, and am trying to hold them for ransom. Anything to force her to come back, lol. If I ever get her back she's being locked up so she can never leave.

I like the idea of getting a canvas made up. I have a couple of cute shots of her and Ky, plus we're having professional shots done next weekend.
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