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Who did you want to be Lock Rss

when you were growing up.

I wanted to be Olivia Newton John in Xanadu.
Molly Ringwald in.....every John Hughes movie!

Maria in the Sound of music
Gary Sweet's girlfriend. Police Rescue was awesome!
Ha ha ha ha!

Rizzo from Grease.

Actually thinking about it, wasn't much different to her apart from the looks!
Jem from Jem and the holograms lol laugh
Katie Holmes in Dawsons Creek!

NOT her now!!! blink

i so wanted to be jennifer beales in flashdance or baby out of dirty dancing...needless too say i have no dance talent at all!
Sam Carter from Stargate.
Angel from Home and Away - I thought she was so cool!
Cher from Clueless! Ha!

zac hansons girlfriend lol

and jackie o (when she was married to ugly phil)

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