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Do you like your name? Lock Rss

I dont really think about my name too much. I know I have to spell it everytime I say it, and very rarely gets pronounced right. As a grown up, people always says it's different or it's pretty.

My name is Aleata and it is pronounced like a litre of milk. And by the way that was the nicest of names I got as a child. Kids can be so

The funnist thing is there are 5 of us, and the others names are...Amanda, Adam, Michelle and Kristy.

I wasn't born in the 60's so cant blame drugs...who knows?
I hate my name. Its Sabrina. I still get given sh*t about it now. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
I don't mind my name it's not that common and never had any problems. My last name though i spell it instead of saying it. It starts with a Z so i was always last at school <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/dry.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='<_<' /> . My name is Bianca. I have only once at school been in a class with another Bianca.
i like my name but i hate the proper spelling of it. when i was growing up i copped alot of flack from it and i hated the fact that i could never get a mug or anything with my name on it cos it was just too unusual. i named my 2 kids tyler and tegan. one because i liked the names but i also liked the simplicity of it, the easy spelling. that stuff matters to me so i wanted to be sure they werent on the receiving end of anything just because of their name.

eta that i just decided in highschool to start spelling it a different way and have done ever since. for legal documents i spell it the right way which normally confuses a whole lot of people but oh well.

my pet hate is that i will send an email or a fax with my name at the bottom and STILL they will reply with a random e added on somewhere or a h added here. if anyone would know how to spell my name i think i am it.
we chose easy names for our DS's for that reason, but still people have problems. DS1 is just Josh, but still people (even family!) insist on using Joshua. hello! that isn't his name!

and DS2 we have had someone spell his name Eithan. and when i made the appointment at the CHN over the phone i was wondering why she kept referring to him as a her - she thought i had said emma! ???

no, i don't like my name, it doesn't go with my surname (married name).

my name is poppy but that is not actually my really name is it just the english version of my greek name which is kaliopy. Everyone eles seems to like it though lol

The day i broke up with normal was the first day of my magical life...

My name is Kylie, I always got Smiley and Kylie Minogue growing up. I still get Smiley. I dont mind my name although it was a popular name when I was growing up.

I always wanted to be a Makayla LMAO

And I read about the Renee, my cousin is Renee with Dark hair and blue eyes hehe
Ive always hated my name *sigh*

When i was a kid, in primary school, it wasnt popular at all, but these days its a little more common.

My name is Jade but people (including my future FIL of 6ys) call me Jane, Jay etc. Its really annoying. Now, when i order pizza, i say my name is Melissa. Its easier than trying to say JAAAADDDDDEEEEE on the phone and sounding like a total douche bag lol
My name is too common. Like a LOT of girls born in the late 70's - 80's my name is Amanda *yawn*
Even in my adult working life I once worked with 5 Amanda's. I feel Apathetic when I think of my name......
I am glad I got the name I got because I found out my Dad wanted to call me Margaret after his mum, and my Mum wanted to call me Frances -Thank goodness they could not agree and called me Paula.
I think with my middle name it makes it very common! -Paula Jane. When I was younger my Aunties used to call me Paula Jane from petticoat lane!
My DP hate his name -Dion Rodney but likes it when his mail calls him a DR.

My name is too common. Like a LOT of girls born in the late 70's - 80's my name is Amanda *yawn*
Even in my adult working life I once worked with 5 Amanda's. I feel Apathetic when I think of my name......

My mums name's Amanda. She's always gone by Mandy. I don't think she likes it either lol

I love my name! If it wasn't my name I'd probably name my daughter Danielle smile

Yep, I actually like my name! Its not uncommon (Tessa) but I was the only one in my school (primary and high) although there were a couple of Tess'. The only other Tessa I know is one of the babies in my mums group!
And on the Renee note, I know three renees and none had blonde hair and blue eyes!!

Woo go the Tessa's smile

Its funny it's not a particularly common name but in high school I had three other Tessa's in my yeah...

I like my I hated it when I was young though it still annoys me when they don't get it right on the phone or many times I have rocked up to pick up pizza etc and the name on the screen is Tash, pessa, jessa, now I just say pick up for Bob haha

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