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Should I be concerned? Lock Rss

Sorry I can't really help, but I am looking forward to replies as I have a friend with a DD who is nearly 4 1/2 and she is always biting things - as in things I then have to throw out - very annoying! I suspect hers is down to lack of attention as my friend has a new boyfriend, but I doubt that would always be the case.
maybe she never went through the chewy stage as a baby or not crewy on things....

maybe teeth coming in put some stuff she can chew in the freezer
Hmmm I am not sure. Em just turned 4 yesterday and i remember when she turned 3 thinking how great it was that she had stopped shoving everything in her mouth and it was only every 4th or 5th thing.... lol Now I can't remember the last time. Jack however is nearly 29 months old and apart from rubbish or old food he stil puts EVERYTHING in his mouth!

It wouldn't hurt to talk about it. It is only a habit and it should be easy to stop her if you know the right way to go about it. My main concern is that toys that are 3+ usually have lots of small parts in them. You don't want a barbie shoe getting lodged in her throat.... sad Something like that is my fear with Jack....

On a positive note, at least it is building her immunity up.... lol

Is OVER rude people

ds2 is 5 in July and still puts everything in his mouth.. from money to rocks to small toys

drives me nuts.. the other two didn't really do it

Hey there it could just be an oral fixation. All babies start life with this instinct. As little ones we put things in our mouths to figure out if it is food or not. All of us have the basic primal instinct to seek out food by trial and error. Usually this starts to fade by the time they are 3 or 4 but can last much longer. Some people never get over the need to put things in their mouths. Have you tried to put a foul substance, such as vinegar, on items that are likely to be tasted, even put some on an object and hand it over for "tasting" so she will understand that some things taste "yucky". Keep your home as clean as possible without going crazy. I would bring it up with the doc next time you are there just as a precaution but it is far more common then people think x

Leigha''s little men smile

Maybe it's just habit. I would be more worried if she was actually trying to eat stuff more so than just putting it in her mouth.

My daughter is 2 in May, and she is bad for eating stuff. She eats cockroaches and many other bugs. Cockroaches seem to be her favourite though. She has eaten a whole heap of al foil off easter eggs. She eats full bars of soap. She sucks shampoo and conditioner out og her hair. She will lick the moisturiser of her whole body, down to her feet, and the other day I caught her licking the moisturiser of her baby sister. Oh oh and I have seen her lick eucalyptus oil off her fingers. Of and baby wipes loves baby wipes. Puts them in whole and wet and spits them out dry.

I think that's about it, and I cant wait for her to grow out of it!
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